FAE to Showcase its Latest Road Construction Technology at World of Asphalt 2022

There is a lot that FAE has to offer in the road construction arena.
This year the company will unveil its latest models of top-notch road construction equipment at the World of Asphalt show in Nashville, TN, on March 29-31.

First in line is the new FAE STABI/FRS - STABI/FRS/HP, a powerful soil stabilizer for high horsepower PTO tractors that is exceptionally productive and reliable with outstanding results. 


Featuring the unmatched design and ultimate quality components FAE is known for, this unit includes:
  • A newly designed fixed-rotor system for stabilization with minimal power absorption. 

  • A crushing chamber that makes it possible to work the ground to a depth of 20” allowing for processing of all types of soil with excellent mixing quality. 

  • An incredibly sturdy structural frame made of wear-resistant materials, including tungsten-carbide and Hardox, to ensure unmatched durability and reliability. 

  • A hydraulic rear hood with anti-clogging system for higher productivity with lower fuel consumption.

  • Interchangeable Hardox internal and side guards.

  • An oil cooling system. 

  • Transmission with external side reduction gears for easy maintenance. 

  • Multiple tooth options.

  • Optional dozing blades with spring system to further level and compact the crushed material into a uniform base.

  • Optional Water Spray System for optimal moisture management.

  • Full Control System for ultimate control and diagnostics of the machine’s operating status. 

Designed for road construction applications and jobs like airport runways, greenways, gravel roads, parking lots, solar panel sites, and energy projects, the FAE STABI/FRS - STABI/FRS/HP is versatile enough to work projects of all sizes with outstanding precision. 

Second in line is the FAE MTL/225 multitask attachment for 140-240 hp tractors. A soil stabilizer, rock grinder, rock crusher and asphalt shredder in one, this unit is great for full depth reclamation up to 11” deep.  

Also on display will be the FAE RC/90, a rock crusher for excavators from 2-70 tons that delivers unmatched productivity, low noise and minimal vibration.

The super popular FAE STC/SSL will also be at the show. This is a compact and very powerful stone crusher for skid steer loaders between 80 and 120 HP known for its high power, capacity and sturdiness. Offers a spiral rotor configuration that delivers optimal crushing, HARDOX® counter knives for adjusting the size of the final product and a rear hydraulic door to adjust the amount of material exiting the crushing chamber.

As we said, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to FAE’s line of road construction attachments. We invite you to visit FAE’s booth #4056 to come and discover what all the buzz is about.

(by Maria Bray)