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IInvesting in quality with compact and multi-functional machines

Two FAE heads to tackle small and large agricultural and road jobs

CG-Tp/Agri Prestations Sàrl is located in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. The civil engineering and agriculture company owns two FAE heads: an MTH 225 multi-purpose machine and a STCH 225 stone crusher.

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Owner Christophe Gouthier explains, "Our company is still new. It was founded in 2020, and we immediately began specializing in excavation work, crushing rock and asphalt and stabilizing soil up to 50 cm deep."

Gouthier cares about the environmental impact of his business and has a latest-generation fleet of compact machines that work with Fendt 939 and 942 tractors.
CG-Tp/Agri Prestations Sàrl can perform impeccable work and offer competitive pricing because the equipment they use is high quality and easy to transport.

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It's true", explains Gouthier. "Investing in quality is always a good idea. We need compact, multi-purpose machines. They have to be easy to transport for when we go to the customer. We bought the MTH 225 in December 2020. We chose a fully-loaded model with the Full Control System water injection system for its versatility. We use it to mill rock and asphalt, stabilize soil and crush stones. It handles every job up to 50 cm deep."
What makes this model so special?
The variable geometry frame really enhances the machine's performance -says Gouthier - This has proved true even in the most difficult working conditions, especially with stones and rocks, which there are a lot of where we are."

Following this initial positive experience, the company decided to buy another FAE machine, the STCH 225 — a latest-generation stone crusher — that was delivered at the beginning of 2021. “These machines are perfect for powerful tractors", says Gouthier. "They work up to 25 cm deep and crush stones up to 50 cm in diameter. Over the past few weeks, we have been getting a lot of requests for work this summer. And thanks to our new fleet of machines, we know that we will be able to successfully take on every new challenge”.

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