Multitasks for Tractors
- Land Clearing


Forestry mulcher, forestry tiller, and stone crusher for tractors in a single machine. For processing wood, shrubs, roots up to 45 cm in diameter, stumps up to 55 cm in diameter, and crush stones up to 35 cm in diameter, working up to 40 cm deep. 

How to find the right FAE multitask equipment

Do you have a 160-300 hp tractor and need to clear land with trees up to 35 cm in diameter, stones up to 20 cm in diameter, and stumps up to 45 cm in diameter? The SFM line is just what you need, with 3 models that have original technological solutions, like interchangeable forged and tempered counter blades, a gear transmission with cooling kit, and other options to help make your multitask perfect for any job. Is your tractor over 300 hp? Try the SFH line for unbelievable output and a much lower cost than buying individual machines! With these models, you can shred wood pieces up to 45 cm and logs up to 55 cm, and crush stones up to 35 cm in diameter, working up to 40 cm deep. The results are surprisingly uniform after incorporating the resulting material, especially with the optional hydraulically adjustable roller.

How much does an FAE multitask machine cost?

The cost is much lower than buying the equivalent individual machines, making it easy to choose a multitask head in most cases. Get your quote.

FAE multitask head applications

FAE multitask machines are extremely versatile and can easily tackle any job that involves shredding wood, crushing stones and removing stumps. The wide range of optional accessories makes it possible to adapt to any special conditions. They are perfect for vineyard and orchard maintenance, agriculture tilling, soil reclamation, and eliminating stumps. FAE multitasks are especially useful for forestry maintenance, as well as for maintaining green areas for commercial and residential properties and sports, and creating and maintaining trails.

Watch the video of FAE multitask machines at work