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South Italy: crushing the hard rocks of Apulia

Extremely strong machines for clearing land in Apulia

De Carolis is a company working in agriculture, construction and earthmoving that began in Fasano in Apulia, Italy in 1975. Today, it has accumulated forty years of experience as an agriculture, earthmoving and lifting equipment and machinery dealer, selling the industry’s leading brands — including FAE — in Apulia and South Italy.

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We first encountered FAE about two years ago,” recalled company owner Gianni De Carolis. “Here in Apulia, our land is famous for being dry and having very hard rocks. Clearing this type of terrain is difficult. You need exceptionally strong, very high quality machines.” The De Carolis website features a motto that has always inspired the company: "Quality pays off over time." “In fact, our reason for trying out the first FAE model was its reputation as a brand with a real focus on quality. And of course, we were not disappointed.

Over two years, De Carolis has purchased five FAE machines: an RSM stone crusher for challenging tasks; two mulchers with fixed-tooth rotors for tractors (UML/DT and UML/ST), which have been sold; as well as an MTH multitasker and the brand-new RSH/HP stone crusher, both of which are going to be rented out.

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I can’t wait to get the new RSH/HP,” said Gianni De Carolis. “It should get here around the end of March, which is when we can start crushing rocks again.” This model was designed keeping in mind some very helpful suggestions that Gianni got from the area’s leading subcontractors.

Some of its most important features are its strength, its fixed rotor, and its working depth. “In our area, a large market is opening up for clearing old olive groves. Sadly, over the course of several years, a Xylella outbreak has destroyed thousands of acres of valuable crops. Now, they are being partly converted into vineyards, and the agronomists want us to give the land a deep clearing. The RSH/HP reaches down to 50 cm, which lets us to satisfy this request”.

In addition to strength, another item on the De Carolis wishlist was a larger door opening to make it easier to get the material into the crushing chamber for processing. “With the RSH/HP, the larger door opening has also become a reality.”

A newly designed machine and lots of work to do, this goes to show how listening to clients can lead to technical innovations that improve existing products and new opportunities for manufacturers, dealers, and clients to grow.

For more information on De Carolis, visit: www.decarolisrl.com

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