Stump Cutters for Excavators


Three series of stump cutters for excavators for shredding large stumps and wood. 

How to find the stump cutter for excavators that meets your needs

Are you looking for a compact stump cutter for a 4-7.5 ton excavator? FAE offers you the SCL/HY series. Compact and very easy to handle, with a fixed-tooth disc rotor that shreds stumps with a single lateral motion of the head and a variable displacement hydraulic motor for easy pairing with excavators with different oil flows. 
Do you need a disc stump cutter for a 7-15 ton excavator? FAE recommends the SCL/EX/VT, a mid-range excavator to remove very large stumps. Compact and reliable, it has a hydraulically adjustable hood, a thumb for easily moving cut material and leveling the soil at the same time. 
Do you have an excavator that weighs between 14-24 tons and want a stump cutter that maximizes your excavator’s performance? FAE makes the SCM/EX/VT series with an ultra-sturdy exclusive disc rotor, a hydraulically adjustable hood, and an innovative Variable Torque engine with variable displacement to get the most out of your excavator’s hydraulic system.

How much does a FAE stump cutter for excavators cost?

The cost of a FAE stump cutter for excavators is often very competitive. Request a quote.

Applications for FAE stump cutters for excavators

FAE stump cutters for excavators are perfect for clearing and reclaiming land with stumps, even large ones. They are perfect for roadside maintenance and maintaining green areas for commercial and residential properties and sports, rivers and canals, as well as forestry maintenance.

Watch the video of FAE forestry mulchers for excavators at work