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Land management in Austria

A local business carries out land maintenance thanks to its FAEs

Environmental protection is an issue of great importance today, which also involves proper land management. Keeping the environment in an optimal state means periodically carrying out work which helps to prevent damage due to, for example, natural phenomena. Through this work, known as “Land Clearing”, it is possible to prevent hydrogeological instability and the formation of blockages in a river, as well as helping forests to grow better.
This type of maintenance work is the core business of the Austrian firm Ebermann Kommunaldienstleistungen, which operates out of Hatzenbach, in the south of Austria.


The owner Gernot Ebermann has a number of professional machines, for the most part purchased from the retailer Mauch di Burgkirchen, located on the border with Germany and a long time partner of the FAE GROUP in Austria. His motto is “Quality is not a coincidence.” In fact, he has a number of FAE machines, which he uses regularly to carry out tasks for both private and public entities.


The most frequent jobs include mulching plants with 12 - 8 or 6 meter arms, maintaining steep slopes and ditches, milling work in forests or large or small areas, underground or stump milling work, production of wood-based energy, as well as various other types of forest management tasks.

However, in this case he wants to tell us specifically about his experience with the UMH/S/HP mulcher purchased in 2019. “The reason I decided to buy this machine is that even a mulcher which could be combined with tractors up to 500 horsepower could have a kind of turbo, that is the High Power system”, explained Gernot. “This is an enormous step forward with respect to the past. This mulcher offers exceptional results and works perfectly with my 400 horsepower tractor. And I’m just convinced that FAE is truly the best.”


Gernot especially appreciates the build quality of the mulcher and the passion for detail that FAE is known for throughout the world - in his opinion the machine is genuinely built well. In particular, the new Spike Pro counter-blades are larger and better distributed, leading to an even finer mulch. The business where he has acquired many of his machines merits a special mention - the retailer Mauch. In fact, thanks to the wide array of models available and the recommendations provided by Marie Mauch, he was able to create a fleet of machines that perfectly fits his needs and allows him to offer excellent service to his customers.

For more information: UMH/S/HP

For more information: mauch.at

Ebermann Kommunaldienstleistungen: ebermann.co.at

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