Building highways in Romania

Two MTH/HPs with water injection system working in important construction sites near Bucharest and in Moldova 

Tehnostrade is a Romanian company: it employs around 3,400 people and is a member of the giant UMB Group. The UMB Group is mainly active in the construction sector through its subsidiaries Spedition UMB and Tehnostrade, but it is also involved in the transport and sale of petrol.

Tehnostrade mainly deals with road construction and concrete prefabrication. It recently added two new MTH/HP-225s with FCS water injection to its fleet, purchased from the Atillas dealer. “Tehnostrade's goal is to regularly use the two new FAE heads on many road construction sites, up to 20 hours per day! In fact, an impressive number of teeth have already been purchased in order to promptly replace the used teeth after such intensive work," says Istvan Kalman of Atillas, who handled the sale of both machines with FAE Sales Manager Daniel Bertagnolli

The MTHs will be used on two major motorway construction sites.

The first site is located near Bucharest: it involves the construction of an external ring of the A0 motorway which surrounds the city.

The second site concerns the construction of a section of the A7 motorway near the city of Focsani. The A7 motorway is currently under construction (only the Bacău bypass, 30.70 km long, is active). When finished, it will be a four-lane arterial motorway that will cross the entire Moldova region and connect the cities of Ploiești to Pascani, for a total of 329 km.

The two MTH/HPs were delivered in August and October respectively by Oskar Kollmann of FAE’s Service Department. “After the delivery, we spent the first morning installing the machine on the customer's Fendt 1050 tractor and explaining the procedure to the mechanics,” says Oskar. “Five mechanics and two drivers from Tehnostrade were present. In the afternoon we carried out the practical test on the construction site with the operators, giving not only suggestions for using the attachment but also information relating to the ideal settings of the tractor. Only at this point did we explain to the customer how the FCS water injection system works, continuing training on the second day".

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The FCS water injection system is the feature that makes the MTH the true market leader. The automatic control of soil humidity is one of the most important features for customers. “In the case of our field test,” continues Oskar, “we found a very hot and sunny climate, and particularly dry soil. Thanks to the FCS, we brought the soil humidity from 4% to 11%, using 470 liters of water. In the coming months, the customer will adjust the humidity based on the project's needs." The FCS water injection system allows automatic water injection based on working depth and advancement speed, using parameters [L/m2] or [L/m3] or [%].

During the test, the two MTHs milled at a working depth of 35 cm, with a forward speed of 0.8 km/h in pure stabilization. The MTH cutter can reach a depth of up to 50 cm thanks to its mobile rotor with variable geometry, a unique technology on the market which allows for the precise adjustment of working depth and constant mixing quality.

For Tehnostrade, the meeting with MTH/HP seems to have been a success. “Yes, and apparently they are already interested in new FAE models.” concludes dealer Istvan Kalman.

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