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Humanitarian demining in Azerbaijan

The FAE PT-300 D:Mine working in the village of Amirvarli to clear the land of antipersonnel and antitank mines.

Qaya Safety Solutions was founded in October 2021. Located in Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan, it now employs over 90 people in the extremely important activity of removing antipersonnel and antitank mines in regions affected by armed conflict. In addition to clearing minefields, Qaya Safety Solutions offers services for safety planning and management during public events, safety risk assessments and consulting for HSE (health, safety & environment) risk mitigation.


Among the specialized vehicles used by Qaya Safety Solutions is the FAE PT-300 D:Mine remote controlled tracked carrier, purchased in January 2022. The PT-300 D:Mine uses the most advanced FAE technology for demining, helping to reclaim land and keep civilian populations safe all around the world . Additionally, because it can be maneuvered using a remote control, the PT-300 D:Mine keeps the operator out of harm’s way.

The area that we will cover in this story is found in the village of Airvarli in the Jabrayil district of Azerbaijan. It measures around 37,500 m2 and has been named the QSS Jabrayil Base.

First, we should provide some historical context. The signing of the ceasefire in Karabakh between Armenia and Azerbaijan in November 2020 brought about the end of combat between the parties and changed the existing territorial status quo. Based on the agreement, Azerbaijan took back control of Nagorno-Karabakh and all seven surrounding districts. Due to the conflict, these areas had been heavily mined with antipersonnel mines, antitank mines, and UXO (unexploded ordnance), making demining an essential step in the reintegration process. 

The project, managed by Qaya Safety Solutions, involves conducting demining operations in the liberated areas assigned to them by the national demining plan.

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The area that Qaya Safety Solutions is clearing has been densely mined. To remove mines and unexploded ordinance, machines like the FAE PT-300 D:Mine are used for mechanical demining. In these areas, the ground is not always uniform; in some places it is soft, in others hard and rocky. Based on the types of mines and terrain, the company may decide to use a flail rotor or a fixed-tooth rotor. If the number of antitank mines is low, the fixed-tooth head is preferred, because it is more effective in rocky and stony areas. The head with flail rotors is better suited for softer terrain or a high density of antitank mines.

Operators that have used the PT-300 D:Mine in the field consider it a powerful and reliable tool. The working depth and efficiency of the vehicle was rated as satisfactory and, according to Qaya Safety Solutions, working with this remote-controlled tracking carrier has proven to be highly beneficial.

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