Interview with Diego Scanzoni, President of FAE, about the company expanding its construction equipment line

In the last few years FAE has been expanding its construction attachment line, taking the industry knowledge and understanding gained through the success of its PTO units and transferring it over to the hydraulic line. This line includes such attachments as cold planers for skid steers, cold planers for excavators and a wheel saw for skid steers. 

We recently sat down with FAE President Diego Scanzoni about FAE’s expanding line of construction attachments. Mr. Scanzoni highlighted that FAE has been in the road construction PTO attachment business for more than 30 years, producing rock crushers, soil stabilizers, and multi-purpose machines (rock crushers/asphalt grinders/ soil stabilizers all in one).

“The experience has been there for years, so we only needed to transfer that experience into the hydraulic version,” said Scanzoni. “We saw the opportunities in the hydraulic construction attachment space thanks to the broad experience and success we have had with the PTO lines,” he added. “The equipment is essentially proven and solid. Our next step is to work on building brand recognition on the hydraulic side of the market.”

We have done numerous successful demos and have showcased the new products at trade shows across America and the rest of the world. We have trained our product specialists and sales team, and we are now starting to harvest the results of our high-quality product. We have designed and developed the product to have several competitive advantages vs. the competition.”

For example, FAE Product Manager Lee Smith explained that FAE’s unique rotor design and tooth layout allow FAE road planers to penetrate more easily, maintaining the desired depth and producing a finer product. FAE augments this design with multiple water tank options which reduce wear and prevent teeth from overheating. Another notable innovation is the optimized side-output of FAE’s RWM/SSL wheel saw attachment. This feature removes material from the trench as the machine moves, giving users true depth. This saves time, as it removes the need to clean out a trench after the pass has been completed.  

John Deluca of A. Deluca Paving explained that FAE road planers cut deeper, and, as a result, jobs require fewer passes, saving users time and money. “[With FAE road planers] you can even cut sometimes in one pass.” He continued, “They're built stronger and they're heavier to begin with. So that way you have your weight right on where you need it . . . to keep the machine inside the cut. Sometimes some of the other planers [on the market] are a little light and then it's hard to get weight onto them to be able to sink . . . they're just right on top of the black top.”

Jeremy Ciehanoski of Crossroads Asphalt Recycling, said, “Once we got [the RPL/SSL] dialed in, we haven’t had the bog downs and the drum stoppings that we’ve had in the past with other units.” He went on, “There’s definitely been some time saving on this unit itself . . . it’s definitely more efficient than what we’ve had in the past.”

Of FAE’s water spray system, he said, “That is nice because it’s all self-contained . . . that tank is actually built into the frame, so you don’t have to worry about the guys and equipment around [it] compromising the tank. That is a nice feature that it’s all built into the unit and protected very well.”

FAE has received great feedback from its experienced customers, who, after using different brands of cold planers for years, immediately recognized the higher quality and productivity of the FAE units. 

FAE is taking the cold planer market by storm. As FAE’s road planer line expands, it continues to organize trainings and demos with valued dealers across America and the world. With FAE’s reputation for quality and the obvious benefits that can be experienced at these live demos, the confidence in FAE road planers, from dealers and from customers, continues to grow.

FAE will feature a number of units from its road planer line at the World of Asphalt show in Nashville, Tennessee March 25th through 27th.