Fostering a Culture of Excellence and Leadership at FAE USA

At FAE, being the market leader means much more than producing the highest quality and top performing products. Our company believes and understands that its long lasting success relies heavily on our top-notch team of dedicated employees, our family-oriented company culture, our teamwork environment and in the difference and contribution that every single employee makes in their daily work.

Last February, the entire FAE USA team was invited to attend an insightful training session with author and sales culture expert, Todd Cohen. The entire team had the opportunity to dive deeper into the value of building a healthy sales culture, the impact of their role within the big picture of the company's success, the importance of working together in synergy, the danger of “silos” in daily operations, the advantage of open communication and the fact that success is truly and only driven from the inside out. 

The result was a refocused mindset across the entire team, a clear picture of  each teammate's profound impact on our organization, an elevated approach to teamwork and collaboration and a huge collective step forward in the right direction to fostering a culture of excellence and leadership that will directly impact our dealers and customers.

“Investing in our employees is at the core of FAE success,” says Giorgio Carera, CEO.  “Because when our employees win, our dealers win, our customers win and we win.

And it is this “win-for-all” approach that differentiates FAE from all other players in the market and how we truly Make The Difference.”