FAE USA’s Open House 2022

A Testament To The Value of Investing in Long Term, Win-Win-Win Partnerships.

FAE USA hosted its 2022 Open House last week during a private dealer and customer event that took place at the company’s headquarters in Flowery Branch, GA.

FAE’s dealers and their guests mobilized from all over the US, Canada and South America, along with industry leaders, government officials, media representatives, large manufacturers and other business owners, to attend this sold-out event. The outstanding participation and outpour of support FAE received from its dealers and customers during the Open House is a clear testament to the value of investing in long term partnerships with a vision focused on quality, excellence, leadership, commitment and a win-win- win structure for all.  

During a short and warm welcoming speech, FAE USA’s CEO, Giorgio Carera, reiterated the importance of its dealer network and customer base, whom he referred to as “our biggest assets” and explained how the company translates its ‘Make The Difference’ motto into the everyday operations that help position FAE as the industry leader in North America.  

For Carera and his FAE USA team, the Open House held a very special significance. This year, the company officially celebrates 20 years since its inception in the US market, culminating two  decades of hard work and leadership and the achievement of a monumental milestone. 

Technological Releases at FAE’s Open House 2022

During the Open House, FAE USA showcased the latest and greatest in sustainable land management technology with an outstanding selection of its most popular and versatile models. 

The main focus was undoubtedly FAE's new RCU line of remote controlled tracked carriers. Amidst confetti cannons and exciting drum rolls, the new RCU line was officially released and introduced to the US market during the event. Once again, FAE raised the bar and elevated all degrees of design, quality, durability and productivity to produce a model that is far superior to anything that is currently available and with potential to revolutionize the entire market segment.





FAE’s RCU line is designed to clear vegetation in hard-to-access areas and steeply sloping terrain that requires dedicated equipment to ensure operator safety and operating efficiency. One of the most important features of the series is its unbeatable traction technology, which allows the units to work on steep slopes up to 55°. Open House attendees were able to watch this new technology in action and the feedback and positive response has been overwhelming. 




Contributing Guests 

FAE USA was delighted and honored to host several contributing guests who went above and beyond to support the company’s efforts during the event. A special mention goes to Oakwood’s Mayor and City Manager Lamar Scroggs and BR White, and to all government officials from the Department of Transportation, Agriculture and Fire division that attended.    

A special thanks goes to the event’s Keynote Speakers and industry experts, Jon Cruthers, who serves as Vice President for the Associated Equipment Distributors (AED), and Bobby Cole, who is the President of Mossy Oak BioLogic, both of which delivered timely and important messages to our audience. 

Another heartfelt word of gratitude goes out to FAE USA’s terrific spokesman, the talented singer, songwriter, and land management entrepreneur Edwin McCain. Edwin’s charm and passion for the industry are one of a kind and FAE is proud to be represented by such a genuine and talented individual. 

Last but not least, the super talented Lance Stinson Band, who delivered an outstanding performance and kept our audience engaged and in great spirits during the entire afternoon.


Edwin McCain


Lance Stinson Band

Big Winners 

A big part of FAE’s culture is to reward its dealers and customers and to build wonderful friendships and partnerships along the way. During the Open House we were delighted to select two lucky grand prize winners from our audience. Amanda Campos, from L&S Land Clearing, was the lucky winner of an all expenses paid trip to ConExpo 2023.

Hagen Milan, with Tellus Equipment Solutions won a Yeti Cooler packed full with premium FAE merchandise. Congratulations to both winners! 

We were also honored to host and personally meet Chisum Stuckey, owner of Stuckey Land Management, and winner of FAE USA’s 2022 ‘Make the Difference’ contest. 

Learning about our customer’s journeys and stories, really brings our work full circle. It is ultimately thanks to and for them that we do what we do every day.


Hagen Milan - Winner


Jon Cruthers | Bobby Cole

All in all, FAE USA is proud to celebrate a successful Open House event. As said best by our  CEO, Giorgio Carera, “we hope everyone left the event with more knowledge about FAE, with stronger and better relationships and with lots of excitement about what we can do together.”            

By Maria Bray