FAE USA Provides Tremendous Added Value to The Heavy Equipment Industry in North America

FAE USA’s CEO, Giorgio Carera, is now a proud member of AEDs (Associated Equipment Distributors) Manufacturers Advisory Council and AEMs (Association of Equipment Manufacturers) Membership Committee. These two organizations are among the most important ones in our industry and play a key role in supporting the efforts of heavy equipment distributors and manufactures.

AED established the Manufacturers Advisory Council “to give OEM executives a platform to share ideas that will help manufacturers engage more effectively and prosperously within the association.” 

AEM put together the Committee to “seek advice and direction from industry leaders with long experience that can bring added value to the industry and the mulching community.” 

Our CEO’s participation in these organizations brings a tremendous added value to our entire industry. We are currently the only land management equipment manufacturer participating in AED’s 18 member council as well as in AEM’s committee, which  is composed of approximately 20 members representing a cross-section of the AEM membership.

FAE USA Inc. is proud to be part of these organizations. “I am personally honored to have been chosen to represent our industry in such important groups, and I look forward to bringing my experience and contribution to both organizations,” said Carera.