FAE USA Inc. Sets the Stage for Land Management Excellence at Sunbelt Ag Expo 2023

From Land Clearing Attachments to Remote-Controlled
Mulchers: FAE USA Inc. continues its legacy of innovation with the launch of four groundbreaking products at Sunbelt Ag Expo, solidifying its position as an industry frontrunner.

FAE has made a habit of setting trends. With its wide range of robust and innovative mulchers, tillers, rock crushers, road planers, and tracked carriers, this is no surprise. FAE’s advanced and user-friendly technologies,
like the SONIC system, have taken the industry by storm, reducing downtime and boosting productivity by over 30%. As copycats appear, it becomes more and more clear that FAE is the leader of the pack in technological innovation.

To complement this focus on innovation, FAE has developed an end-user first model, establishing training programs and resources to allow dealers to offer the best service possible. FAE’s dedication to quality and innovation has resulted in unprecedented growth, positioning the company to further push the possibilities for mulching and land management equipment. 

Strategic Location and Commitment to Growth 

Since its founding in Fondo, Italy more than 30 years ago, FAE has expanded to have seven major distribution centers across the globe. From these distribution centers, they have developed a high-quality network of more than 1000 dealers worldwide.

FAE’s USA headquarters is located in Flowery Branch, GA. This 40K square foot purpose-built facility stocks machines and parts to distribute all across the United States and to most of Latin America. It also houses service, parts, logistics, customer support, administrative, financial and local sales, and marketing teams.

Of FAE USA’s Georgia facility, CEO Giorgio Carera said, “When we established FAE USA over 20 years ago, we chose NorthGAand later HallCounty specificallyand the Flowery Branch/Oakwood area to be the best selection and the most inviting and industry friendly community for our long-term commitment and rapid growth plans.”
He continued, “Georgia and its surrounding states in the southeast are a main market for this type of equipment and logistically very well located to serve the rest of the country.”


Uses Across America 

FAE’s products have key uses all around the country. On skid steers, excavators, tractors, and tracked carriers, FAE’s wide range of attachments can be found tilling soil, clearingvegetation, andbreakingstones fromWashington state to Florida. In the western states, you can find FAE tracked carriers, like the PT-175 and PT-300, being used for fuel reduction and general wildfire prevention. In New Jersey, FAE’s new line of road planers are simplifying and optimizing repaving operations. 

In the Southeast specifically, FAE’s range of equipment is used for general farming processes, forest-to-farm operations, wildlife preservation, food plots, fire prevention, ROW clearing and maintenance for utilities, vegetation management and private property clearing, and land clearing for residential and commercial developments.


Ongoing Innovation and Product Development

Oneof FAE’s stand-out qualities is its close attention to the needs of its customers. When a need arises, FAE swiftly works to plan and implement new technologies to help its end users improve efficiency and boost performance.

What is great about our company and this industry is that both are ever evolving,” said Lee Smith, National Product Manager at FAE USA.
We always find new applications to best benefit our customers and our entire team is always looking for new products and product updates that make our customers more productive and profitable, while maintaining our quality and safety.”

Leadership andDealer Network

With its wide distribution across the US, FAE’s dealer network is its most valuable resource.
The number one factor in our plan is to have the most knowledgeable dealer network in the industry. Therefore, our focus is on dealer training including parts, service, and sales to make sure that when our customers need help of any kind, our dealers are in the position to provide the most accurate and fastest assistance possible,” Smith said. 

Just as important as FAE’s support structure for end-users is its reliable support for dealers. A strong pillar in the growth and success of the North American headquarters is its consistency and continuity in leadership. FAE USA’s CEO, Giorgio Carera, has led the business since 2005, creating a successful and deeply rooted FAE USA operation. In this time, he has ensured that the company’s vision, culture, goals and values are properly executed, carrying out the commitment to the quality of the product line and building long-lasting relationships.

“To me the key of this job and this industry is to be “boots on the ground,” said Carera. “The closer we can see the job from our customer’s perspective, the more likely we succeed in understanding their needs. When that happens, we all win.” He continued, “It is our job and responsibility to provide the best possible solutions to the market as well as the best service to support our equipment throughout our dealer network. This is why when selecting a dealer partner, we go through a very thorough process.” 

Today, FAE USA has over 50 full-time employees and more than 400 dealers nationwide, of which more than 20 are in Georgia alone. It continues to add high quality partners on an annual basis.


Sunbelt Ag Expo 2023: Showcasing Innovation
This October, FAE is attending the Sunbelt Ag Expo in Moultrie, GA. The expo, which FAE has been attending for more than 20 years, has become a favorite of the company. FAE was the first manufacturer of its type to attend, and, fast forwarding to today, all of FAE’s major competitors are attending the expo.

Since Sunbelt Ag Expo 2022, FAE has launched four new products. These new products, which will be on display at the expo, include three land clearing attachments for skid steers and one new mulcher for excavators.
In addition, expo attendees will be able to see FAE’s remote-control tracked carrier units, the RCU-55 and RCU-75.
You will be able to see these products and more at booth A-6-366 October 17th through 19th.

Plans For Growth

FAE has major plans for expansion to support its recent and projected growth. Initial plans will double its current footprint to offer superior support to dealers and end users around the US and Latin America.
The company experienced record sales in 2023, and forecasts steady growth in the years to come.