FAE Shines at Utility Expo 2023 with Game-Changing Machinery

Experience innovation with FAE – redefining the future of remote-controlled machinery and road planing efficiency.

2023 was a record-breaking year for the Utility Expo, with more than 21,000 attendees and 900 vendors. It was similarly successful for FAE, which saw more than 300 end users and dealers over the course of the 3-day event.

Located just inside of the main show entrance, the new and improved FAE booth saw solid foot traffic throughout the show. With the booth’s internal seating area, FAE staff and show attendees were able to talk shop over coffee and snacks. Of particular interest to show attendees were the RCU-75 remote-control tracked carrier and the RPL/SSL road planer. FAE’s territory managers and product specialists were able to walk attendees through the benefits of these systems and get feedback from current users. 

Of the two most discussed machines, the RCU-75 drew the most attention. The RCU-75 is a remote-controlled unit that keeps operators out of harm’s way. It is a maneuverable machine, featuring extendable treads for improved stability and rated for inclines of up to 55 degrees. If equipped with steel tracks, stability on steep terrain can be improved even further. Outfitted with a BL2 mulching head, the RCU-75 can easily cut through dense vegetation up to 6 inches in diameter. While a favorite for roadside maintenance, new uses for the RCU line are revealing themselves every day.

The other most popular machine, the RPL/SSL road planer, is one of the newer products from FAE. It is the perfect accompaniment for any repaving or resurfacing job, able to cut concrete or asphalt down to 5.5 inches. Being a skid steer attachment, the RPL/SSL provides more versatility and efficiency than traditional concrete milling machines. With a unique tooth layout designed specifically by FAE to reduce vibrations, the RPL/SSL acts quickly and effectively to prepare a section of road or parking lot for a new layer of concrete or asphalt.



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While the show offered plenty of opportunities to discuss technical details, FAE staff also enjoyed sharing stories with customers and dealers. James Sokalski, CEO of JPS USA and owner of a PT-300 came by the booth to share his experience moving from New Zealand to Tennessee with Diego Scanzoni, owner of FAE Group, and Giorgio Carrera, CEO of FAE USA. Learn more about James’ story here.


The Utility Expo offered an excellent opportunity to meet face to face with the hard-working men and women who keep the country moving and learn about their needs for new products and services. As the team wrapped up the show, they reflected on the experience.



Chad Florian, FAE’s East PT Territory Manager, commented that the attendees were highly engaged and knowledgeable. Of the location, he said that the centrality of Louisville allowed for attendance from all over the eastern territory.

Dave Heath, FAE’s Eastern Midwest Territory Manager said, “I thought the show was well attended by municipalities and utilities that asked many good questions about our products. I think the RCU 55 & 75 generated the most questions from the electric and gas utility co-ops… [the] cold planer generated lots of questions from the gas and water contractors.”



The end of the expo corresponded with the release of the RPL/EX road planer, the newest in FAE’s line of construction heads.

This attachment, which brings additional versatility to the already quality offerings of the FAE construction line, represents another step-forward for FAE’s increasingly popular cold planer system.


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As we reach the year’s end, we have an opportunity to look back on the progress not just of this year, but previous years as well. If we take the 2023 Utility Expo to be representative of the industry at large, it suggests that we can expect continued growth in the years to come. It’s good to see that, despite uncertain economic conditions, the utility industry continues confidently forward.

By Kevin Warstadt