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Two FAE UML/EX mulchers work on French railroads

Maintaining the embankments along a local railroad

ORGANI-TERRE, a business located in Mentque-Nortbécourt, in the north of France, owns two tracked excavators that it uses with two FAE UML/EX mulchers purchased in 2022.

The FAE UML/EX is a forestry mulcher with fixed-tooth rotor for excavators. Its compact size paired with superior strength, reliability, and performance quickly made it one of the flagship models in the FAE forestry mulcher line.

ORGANI-TERRE provides different kinds of landscaping jobs, including earthmoving and demolition, with its main area of expertise being mechanized forestry work.

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When the two FAE UML/EX machines purchased from FAE France were delivered, an interesting job request for their use on a railroad project came in immediately. The two machines were put straight to work near Lille to perform maintenance on the embankments along a stretch of the local railroad tracks.

The two FAE machines cleared out the railroad embankments, freeing them of invasive vegetation that risked invading the tracks and obstructing the trains. Clear embankments are not only essential for guaranteeing the safety of the trains, but also to ensure proper maintenance of the line. For this reason, many FAE mulchers around the world work on railroad tracks.

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At this specific site, the two mulchers worked along the tracks on a stretch around 20 km long. Both machines worked for approximately 8 hours per day, using around 200 liters of fuel, which is more than reasonable considering the quantity of work done within that time frame.

ORGANI-TERRE told us that they are very satisfied with the work performed by its two new FAE UML/EXs, the two new stars in their fleet of machines!

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