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Four FAE PT-300 tracked carriers working as a team

Clearing overgrown vegetation from the country’s entire border

Organizations and institutions involved in land management operations gladly use FAE PT-300 tracked carriers on a regular basis. In 2021, a major government agency in Romania, with more than 10,000 employees and multiple offices across the country, purchased four FAE PT-300s. The purpose was to clean up the vegetation overgrowth along the country’s entire border, a stretch of land that is over 3,000 km long by 50 meters wide, for a total area well over 150 km².

The equipment was purchased from local dealer and FAE partner, Alser Forest. We asked Albert Șerban, Engineer and General Manager at Alser Forest, to tell us more about using our carriers for this purpose. “First of all, this was a colossal job that required an unusual amount of effort. To tackle a job like this, we used all four PT-300s around the clock and the work is still not completed,” stated Șerban.

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What are the unique features of the terrain?
“In general, the land is covered with all kinds of vegetation, but there are no particularly large stones. The FAE carriers worked the terrain down to 30 cm deep, without any problems. For the above-ground vegetation, we equipped the PTs with FAE 200/U-225 forestry mulchers. For soil preparation, we used FAE 200/S-200 forestry tillers,” He added.

Is the client satisfied with the work so far? Did they give you any feedback?
Of course, the clients were very pleased with the PT-300s,” concluded Mr. Șerban. They were already impressed with the demo they attended, but the FAE machines exceeded their expectations. They appreciated the training we provided to teach the operators the best way to use these carriers and the two pieces of equipment. In the past, the client used small mulchers mounted on farm tractors and was very disappointed with the results. After switching to high-end machines, like the PT-300s, the work is now going smoothly”.

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