Full Control System

The FAE automatic injection system, FCS, is a cutting-edge system built for excellent supply and distribution of water and/or to stabilize the liquid binding agent. Using this intuitive system, the operator is able to establish the exact amount of liquid from the display, based on the road surface (l/m²) or mixing volume (l/m³).

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The advanced FCS is automatically calibrated according to the speed and depth of the job. The machine’s sensors also guarantee the correct, automatic operation of this cutting-edge system.

The material is mixed to the moisture ratio required to achieve perfect stabilization.

Compared to manual adjustment, the FCS leaves no room for error and guarantees the best
possible results in every application.

The machine sensors ensure correct and automatic operation of this first class system.

The system constantly monitors forward feed speed through the ISOBUS connection on the
tractor, or via optional radar sensor, while other sensors control the working depth.

A magnetic flow meter guarantees the capacity required.


Beside you to help you in your operating choices

FCS immagine 1 EN

FCS immagine 3

1. Current speed
2. Current injection flow
3.Total flow from the start of the job
4. Area covered
5. Delivery requirement (l/m²)
6. Current delivery (l/m²)
7. Volume mixed
8. Current delivered (l/m²)
9. Rotor movement percentage
10. Percentage of rear panel opening
11. Working depht
12. Number of nozzles open

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