Hello from New Zealand

Hello from New Zealand

Sustainable forest management through FAE UML/EX 150 VT and SCM/EX/VT attachments


JPS Earthmoving Ltd is a Wellington-based (New Zealand) company operating for almost 3 years and focusing on land clearing for subdivisions, right of ways, riverbanks, and rural areas. Their fleet includes 16-25 ton Hitachi excavators that received FAE mulching and stump grinding attachments not long ago.

“We recently updated our mulching fleet to include an FAE UML/EX 150 VT mulcher and SCM/EX/VT stump grinder,” says James Sokalski, the owner and operator. “Those attachments were put to the test during a large project which involved the clearing of approximately 1000 mature pine trees for new residential construction.”

What was the process? “Our logging crew did the initial harvest and exported of all the merchantable wood from this job, leaving the slash and stumps to be dealt with,” James explains. “Then we started off by using our SCM stump grinder with the heel to completely grind out all the stumps, including all lateral roots. We were very impressed with the speed and performance of that machine and its ability to tackle any size stump. Also, as we are working close to houses, the hydraulic door really came handy in managing the chip spray.”

Next up, a job for a forestry mulcher! “Once all the stumps were ground out, we proceeded to mulch all of the remaining material across the site using our UML/EX 150,” he continues. “This left the site nice and clean and ready to be seeded. Seeds will thrive on the mulch as it breaks down over the next year before further development takes place.”

According to James, his team was impressed by the machine’s productivity and quality of the final product. “Those attachments delivered outstanding results. We discovered it is best to mulch everything with the door open first, then shut the door for the final pass. This technique gave us a beautiful fine material with an even finish,” says James.

JPS Earthmoving team praises its local dealer, Active VMA. “We cannot afford downtime. And our dealer understands that,” says James. “All parts are available overnight: Active VMA provides local, well-built equipment that gives an excellent return on our investment.”

Reliable machinery and dedicated, fast service keep JPS ahead of the game. “We are very grateful to be using FAE equipment for our work,” James concludes. “I would have no hesitation in recommending this gear to anyone who wants quality, productivity, longevity, and hassle-free mulching and stump-grinding”.

New Zealand

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