Croatia: turning rocks into fields

The rocky terrain of the adriatic coast in croatia is gorgeous.


It is also very challenging for land management equipment. To provide infrastructure and agricultural opportunities for the residents, local contractors have to work with precise, reliable machinery that can efficiently tackle the tricky soil conditions with minimal impact on the surrounding beauty. 

Vinko Česi, the co-owner and operator of Šumoizrada (Forestworks), can’t imagine doing anything else. “I love my job!” he says. “I get to meet a lot of new people and enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Croatia every day. All while helping my customers to improve their fields, roads, and prepare sites for construction. Croatia is full of wonders, and I am so happy to experience the outdoors and fresh air every day!”.

Šumoizrada has been serving the rocky Adriatic coast since 1995, established by Vinko’s father, Željan. As a family-owned and operated business, both father and son put their heart and soul into every project.
To be able to achieve their high standards for soil stabilization, the Česi family has to have machinery they can trust. FAE STCH/R and MTH are their “go-to” rock crushers, and they love it. “It is simply stronger and better than the competition,” says Vinko. “We don’t need to worry whether it will handle the job or not. We know it will. FAE products have been an incredibly smart investment for our family.
On a scale from one to ten, I would rate these machines as eleven! It is only two of us, but we can tackle any project.”

Currently, the father and son duo are working on agricultural projects on the Brač island. The small and environmentally-conscious location calls for small farming fields, and that’s what compact and precise machines like STCH/R and MTH can deliver. 

Check out some pictures from their recent agriculture projects!

Fae group MTH Croazia

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