“Solar Farm” Project: a FAE MTH at work in Australia



Located about 500 km from Melbourne, in the north-west of the state of Victoria, the town of Mildura is known for citrus, dry fruit and wine, along with agricultural production. It is also known for the hot temperatures, which in summer can reach over 46 degrees. 

Here the energy company BayWa decides to harness the particular climate of the area by creating a large solar power plant. On an area of 600 acres, over 3.5 km long, there are 350,000 solar panels installed, producing 123 mega watts.

The contractor Waters Excavations, who did all the maintenance road works, used a FAE MTH head to stabilize the ground and create 8,400 m of access roads and corridors for plant maintenance. Designed to handle different types of soil tillage, FAE MTH (Multitask Heavy) multifunction heads are capable of milling rock and asphalt slabs, crushing stones and stabilizing soil with a maximum working depth of up to 50 cm. and can be combined with tractors up to 400 hp.

In just 3 months, the FAE MTH made it possible to finish the stabilization work on all planned roads.
Michael Waters, owner of Waters Excavations is very happy with his machine: "I really loved to work with my FAE MTH. I really hope to use it again soon”.

A business project based on the development of renewable energy, a new success story "Made by FAE". #faestories

FAE Farm Solar Australia Stabilization MTH 1

FAE Farm Solar Australia Stabilization MTH 2

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