Video - FAE PT-475 - How to quickly clear acres of land with the FAE PT-475 tracked carrier and the 500/U mulcher

The FAE PT-475 is the perfect tracked carrier for major management jobs in large wooded areas and forests. In the video, we see the tracked carrier with the 500/U forestry mulcher during a reclamation job in Luxembourg, clearing the ground of leftover branches, bushes, and stumps. The sturdy construction with oscillating undercarriage can be paired with a forestry mulcher (like in this case), a stump cutter, or a multitask head that crushes stones and tills the soil. The amazing power of the CAT C13 Acert straight-six engine lets you work on soft, uneven and swampy ground. The hydraulic system guarantees reliability and efficiency. The spacious cab is unrivaled when it comes to comfort, ergonomics and operator safety.