Mulchers for Excavators
Available in the following versions: BL4/EX/VT, BL4/EX/SONIC 

The BL4/EX/VT for 18-25 ton excavators mulches logs up to 12 in in diameter and comes in two working widths: 53 in and 63 in.
The BL4/EX/VT is ideal for handling and removing vegetation in wooded areas, especially for jobs that require a large shredding capacity and speed.
The rotor features Bite Limiter technology. Steel profiles limit the reach (bite) of the teeth, reducing the amount of power needed and guaranteeing constant working speed and excellent performance. The heat-treated forged-steel BL/MAX blades are made to last and can be sharpened to keep operating costs lower.
The timing belt transmission ensures optimum power transfer and reliability.
The BL4/EX/VT has a Variable Torque (VT) motor for noticeably better performance, increased torque when needed, and minimal risk of rotor stalling.
The sturdy steel frame is built to last. Spike Pro bolted counter-blades produce very fine mulched material and make maintenance a snap. 
The optional Sonic system ensures that the operating machine and the FAE mulcher are perfectly aligned by automatically calibrating and constantly regulating the mulcher's hydraulic parameters for a significant increase in productivity.

Excavator weight

from 18 to 25 t

Shredding diameter

Ø 12 in max

Flow rate

from 38 to 79 gal/min

Most important features
Bite Limiter rotor

exceptional speed and performance with lower power requirement



VT Motor

Automatic torque increase

Diverter valve

For hydraulic control of the hood

Sonic (BL4/EX/SONIC)

Sonic is a new automatic intelligent system that manages the hydraulic transmission

Standard equipment

    • Enclosed, dust-resistant machine body
    • Motor enclosed in the frame
    • Bulkhead for hydraulic connections
    • Spike Pro counter-blade
    • Bite Limiter Rotor
    • 110/60cc variable torque hydraulic piston motor (VT)
    • 110cc variable torque hydraulic piston motor (SONIC)
    • Timing belt transmission
    • Flow control system valve
    • Safety and anticavitation valve
    • Diverter valve (plug in and play)
    • Sonic System (SONIC)
    • Hydraulic front trap door
    • Dedicated rear hood (deflector)
    • Adjustable skids

Original FAE tools

Unmatched performance
BL/MAX Blade | FAE
Blade BL/MAX
Ideal for:
Hardwood trees
Softwood trees
Exposed stumps
Bushes and branches
Tooth C/3/MAX
Ideal for:
Hardwood trees
Exposed stumps
Bushes and branches


160/108cc variable torque hydraulic piston motor | FAE
160/108cc variable torque hydraulic piston motor (VT)
Customized setting hydraulic motor | FAE
Customized setting hydraulic motor (VT)
Additional reinforced side plates | FAE
Additional reinforced side plates
Front fixed thumb bracked| FAE
Front fixed thumb bracked
Hydraulic thumb | FAE
Hydraulic thumb
Customized attachment bracket with pins | FAE
Customized attachment bracket with pins
Hydraulic front hood for excavator AUX line | FAE
Hydraulic front hood for excavator AUX line (VT)
Technology -  Sonic | FAE
VT (Variable Torque) piston motor | FAE
Technology - Bite Limiter rotor | FAE

Sonic is a smart, flexible system that automatically calibrates the mulcher’s hydraulic parameters thanks to an operator control box that allows the mulcher to work autonomously and constantly at maximum capacity, in all working conditions. Sonic guarantees perfect harmony between the operating machine and the FAE mulcher, increasing the machine’s performance by 30%.

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VT (Variable Torque) piston motor

The VT (Variable Torque) piston motor significantly improves mulcher performance, increasing mulching torque when an extra boost of power is needed and minimizing the conditions for rotor stalling. The VT motor assists the operator with mulching, allowing for exceptional performance.

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Bite Limiter rotor

The experience of the FAE Group has given rise to a new line of professional mulchers for excavators equipped with Bite Limiter technology.

The Bite Limiter rotor features special profiles in Hardox wear-resistant steel, guaranteeing an optimal cutting depth from the blades (BL/MINI, BL, BL/MAX).

This reduces the demand for power and facilitates a consistent working speed, leading to excellent performance when mulching any type of wood. The Bite Limiter also reduces the likelihood of rotor stalling and optimizes fuel consumption.

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Spike Pro

Spike Pro: the counter blades that help FAE forestry mulchers handle any kind of vegetation more efficiently. Spike Pros are interchangeable offset counter blades for finer shredding and smoother flow of wet material. The special design makes them efficient with very stiff wood and more flexible shrubs. 

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The official FAE App is dedicated to FAE customers who own a mulcher with Sonic technology.

The App allows you to verify optimal calibration at the time of field deployment to make the most of the Sonic system, by controlling the rotor speed and the mulching pressure. The app’s integrated diagnostics system and real-time monitoring of the main parameters assist in resolving any problems. The connectivity of the FAE App for Sonic is guaranteed by a dedicated control unit positioned on the head.

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