Introducing the FAE mobile App for the Sonic System

FAE customers who purchase a forestry mulcher for skid steers with Sonic System now have one more tool to optimize its performance and capacity:  the official FAE app for iOS devices. It helps users check that calibration at the time of deployment is optimal for getting the most out of the Sonic System. The app’s integrated diagnostics system and real-time monitoring of the main parameters assist in resolving any problems.

The Sonic System is exclusive to FAE and offers customers a great advantage in terms of performance. The Sonic regulates torque in real time based on the effort needed. This enables the mulcher to always work at maximum capacity. In addition, the Sonic System automatically calibrates the mulcher’s hydraulic parameters for instant and precise skid steer pairing.

For now, the FAE app is available only for skid steer mulcher Sonic heads but will soon be available for excavator Sonic heads as well as for Android devices.

It’s very easy to use:

1.    Download the FAE app from the Apple App Store (in the future, it will also be available from Google Play) 
2.    Connect it to the head's Wi-Fi
3.    Launch the app
4.    Add your head
5.    You can now see the mulcher's main parameters and check that the Sonic calibration is correct in real time.
6.    The app will signal any malfunctions, helping the user identify the problem, with the option to send a status report.
7.    That way, getting assistance will be quick and easy.

The future of FAE is digital, and the new FAE app is only the beginning.

FAE APP download page:  logo_App-Store_1.jpg