FAE USA's New Cold Planers: A Roadmap to Market Leadership

Teamwork and excellence: FAE USA's approach to market leadership in road construction.

We sat down with Giorgio Carera, CEO of FAE USA, to discuss the launch of their new line of asphalt cold planers. FAE has executed a well-planned strategy to introduce these innovative attachments to the market.
Carera emphasized the importance of thorough training, strategic market introduction, dealer engagement, and robust partnerships. This comprehensive approach underscores FAE's confidence in both their product quality and the dedication of their team and dealers, setting a solid foundation for success.



Over the past year, FAE has showcased their road construction products at three major trade shows:
Conexpo in Las Vegas, PaveX in San Antonio, TX, and World of Asphalt in Nashville, TN. The reception from both dealers and customers was overwhelmingly positive.

Carera commented on the success, stating, "As always, FAE presented quality products that spoke for themselves and really engaged dealers and customers. Many who had previously used competitor products were impressed by our solutions. Our innovative design and engineering stood out, highlighting significant advantages in productivity, operational costs, and ROI."

FAE's focus on customer satisfaction and ROI highlights their commitment to delivering value beyond the product itself. This customer-centric strategy differentiates FAE in the competitive road construction market and paves the way for market leadership. With a team dedicated to providing top-notch products and services, FAE is poised for significant growth and success.



Carera and the FAE team are determined to gain market share and lead in the road construction space.
Their dedication to excellence spans engineering, product development, service, parts, sales, and marketing, ensuring success at every stage of the product lifecycle.

By fostering teamwork and shared success, FAE promotes a culture of collaboration across all departments.
This holistic approach not only strengthens internal cohesion but also enhances the company's ability to deliver exceptional value to customers worldwide. With such a unified strategy, FAE is well-positioned to maintain its reputation for superior products and services while expanding its presence in America and the global market.