FAE USA Celebrates Its Employees and Accomplishments

FAE USA recently hosted a wonderful holiday reception to commemorate its employees and celebrate this year’s many accomplishments.

During the event, the company’s CEO, Giorgio Carera, addressed all employees and their spouses with a heartfelt speech and candid words of gratitude, upliftment, and excitement.
In his speech, Carera deeply thanked his employees for their commitment, and hard work. He stated that it is thanks to their efforts that the company is now a market leader in the United States.

Carera also thanked their spouses for supporting FAE USA’s work and mission.

A very special acknowledgement went to FAE headquarters, for continuing to reinvest heavily in Research and Development, their commitment to new expansion and the development of programs aimed to support the company’s growth.

All new employees that joined the company in 2021 were officially introduced and welcomed with a big applause and all employees that reached the milestone of their 5th, 10th and 15th years of collaboration were awarded with a beautiful plaque.

Special milestone recognition went out for: 

Ryan Smith, Territory Manager, Texas, 15 years 
Jose Manuel Escobar, Territory Manager LATAM, 10 years 
Fabrizio Bastone, General Manager, 10 years 
Crystal Reed, Accounting Specialist, 5 years 
Adrian Majka, Product Specialist East, 5 years 
Chris Koch, Territory Manager South East, 5 years 

Carera’s speech included a warm, sincere, and deeply felt invitation to honor and remember our friend and customer, Mr. Will Brown, whose life was taken too soon earlier this year. He will be missed and remembered for years to come.

Carera concluded the evening by wishing everyone a happy holiday season and a prosperous and healthy 2022.