FAE attends PAVE/X 2024

January 30th through February 1st, 2024, FAE attended the PAVE/X Pavement Experience trade show in San Antonio, TX.

The event was hosted at the Henry B. Gonzalez Center by IRONMARKETS Connected Solutions, the leading business-to-business media and business intelligence company in the heavy equipment, landscape, and supply chain industries. PAVE/X is a new event, having been launched this year by IRONMARKETS with the stated purpose of helping contractors and business owners grow their businesses and expertise through equipment demonstrations and educational opportunities.

Roughly one year ago, FAE released the first models in its line of road planers for skid steers. Since that time, FAE has released two new road planer models including a road planer for excavators. With these exciting new products on the market, FAE views PAVE/X as an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the quality and craftsmanship of its road planer line.

fiere-news_PAVE-X_ (2).jpg fiere-news_PAVE-X_ (1).jpg
For its first showing at PAVE/X, FAE brought an RPM/SSL road planer for skid steers, an RPL/EX road planer for excavators, and an RWM disc road planer for skid steers.
The RPM/SSL is a fixed-tooth road planer for skid steers up to 135 horsepower.

This attachment shreds asphalt up to 10 inches deep at a working width of 24 inches. It features self-leveling skids, a hydraulic drive system, and practical depth and cutting indicators to ensure optimal performance on different types of terrain.

The RPL/EX for excavators is the newest model in FAE’s road planer line.

Compatible with excavators from 8 to 14 tons, it is capable of milling up to 5.3 inches deep with a working width of 18 inches. As an excavator attachment, this road planer has the greatest versatility of any of the models in the FAE road planer line, allowing operators to access tight, hard-to-reach places that they wouldn’t be able to access with a traditional road planer or skid steer.

The RWM/SSL is FAE’s disc road planer for 75 to 135-horsepower skid steers.

This road planer can cut trenches up to 20 inches deep, making it the perfect tool for laying electrical, water, gas, or fiber optic conduits. In addition to its impressive cutting power, the RWM/SSL has optimized side output to keep your trench clear of debris and give you true depth.

FAE was proud to show these machines at the 2024 PAVE/X show and was pleased to meet and gain insight from the many industry professionals in attendance. Of the show, Product Specialist Adrian Majka said, “[It was] a great place for us to get visibility…[There was a] lot of interest from new customers and dealers.” With the great value that the PAVE/X show brought to individual exhibitors and the industry at large, FAE is sure to return for many PAVE/X shows in the future.