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The first FAE RSM creates a stir in Japan

The tale of a very special delivery and deployment

Sometimes, the delivery and deployment of an FAE makes for a tale worth telling; especially when the client is in Japan, as was the case with this RSM-225 stone crusher for tractors.

Kenki World is a very well-established business, with its headquarters near Tokyo, Japan, and has been an agricultural and roadwork equipment dealer since 2011. “Our business has grown a lot over the years. It’s amazing to think that we started all this in a garage,” recalls engineer Yuki Shimane (Kenki World Technical Service).

An FAE client for several years, Kenki World usually purchases hydraulic mulchers. This time, however, they choose to try a new PTO machine, having noticed a certain level of interest in this type of model among its clients. So, in the spring of 2022, Mr Hasantha Sumith Rathnayake (President), Mr Udawattage Pushpasiri (Overseas Procurement Manager) and Mr Shimane (engineer) from Kenki World contacted FAE to purchase a stone crusher.


The RSM arrived in Japan on November 7, 2022. “We took it out of the container and loaded it onto the truck to take it straight to the work site. We were pretty excited for this new "little gem", coming all the way from Italy. We even took photos and videos to commemorate the occasion!”, recalls Shimane.

Once at the work site, FAE Service and, specifically, Alberto Covi supported Kenki World by illustrating its technical features and providing the necessary training for its deployment. “We communicated over the phone, the computer, and on WhatsApp for the deployment and during the first days of work,” explains Shimane.

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Despite the time difference and a few inevitable language barriers, the RSM was mounted on a Massey Ferguson S 8730 tractor without problems. “FAE Service’s constant support from Italy was absolutely crucial. They brought immense patience as well as expertise to ensure that everything would work perfectly. The FAE RSM-225 was later sold to a client of ours on Okinawa Island,” continues Shimane. “There was a presentation to mark the occasion, with over 200 people participating. The event even made it into a local newspaper! The feedback from the client, Mr Adaniya (Manager of the Nankai Kensetsu company), has been extremely positive, so much so that he’s described the RSM as his best machine”.

Kenki World has already reserved many more FAE machines for tractors for 2023. “We are really pleased with this product, and we are sure that we will be able to make the difference here in Japan by working together!” concludes Shimane with confidence.

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