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RCU-55 put to the test in the Danish woods

An expert’s feedback on the performance of the FAE remote controlled tracked carrier

Rolf Willemoes owns Brdr. Willemoes Skovservice together with his brother Bjørn. “We started the company in 2005, after years of working in forestry industry,” explains Rolf. “The company is in Ikast, in central Jutland, but we work all over Denmark.”

Lennart Ahlefeldt-Laurvig from Special Maskiner A/S is the FAE dealer in Denmark. When the new RCU-55 remote controlled tracked carrier was launched in the spring of 2022, he immediately thought of having Rolf test one out in the Danish woods to get the opinion of a real expert.  After all, Rolf had just bought another remote controlled tracked carrier for forestry work. It would be easy for him to compare the RCU-55 with the machine he already owned.

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As soon as I saw the RCU-55, I knew it would last longer than my current machine, with regular maintenance. The hydraulic transmission is sturdier than a traditional transmission. The RCU-55 is heavy (about 3 tons) compared to our model, but it is easy to move using a simple standard trailer. The fact that the mulcher can be lifted quite a bit is also useful, because it means the machine is easier to load.

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So, sturdiness is the first thing that you notice?
“Exactly. Just look at the undercarriage. You can immediately tell it was designed for demanding off-road work. I also appreciate how it handles, especially because the machine can be rotated 90° on its axis whether you're on asphalt or soft ground. The 56 CV Kohler Common Rail engine pushes up almost impossible slopes, up to 55°,” adds Rolf Willemoes.
What about the remote control? “It works exactly the opposite of ours but, after getting used to it, it was great to be able to steer the vehicle with one hand and leave the other one free to adjust the equipment. And the display is way ahead of the competition,” concludes Rolf.

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Sturdiness, easy handling, and power — RCU-55 seems to have passed the Danish woods test with flying colors. And it does an equally great job. Paired with the FAE BL1/RCU mulcher, the RCU-55 can handle vegetation and shrubs up to 12 cm (~4.7 in.) in diameter, while the competition usually stops well below this. The PML/RCU swinging hammer head tops it all off, capable of shredding grass and small shrubs up to 5 cm (~2 in.) in diameter.


“Since 1989, FAE has been making professional forestry mulchers for vehicles over 500 hp or tracked carriers made for heavier and more complex work. It used all of its experience — which has been recognized around the world — to make the RCU-55.
e are looking at a new, small, technological gem and a major innovation for the forestry industry,” concludes Lennart.

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