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A road by the river in Germany

An FAE STABI/H is being used at a construction site by the Bode.

The location is Saxony-Anhalt, central Germany. The capital of this beautiful state, once part of the German Democratic Republic, is Magdeburg.

While a large part of the territory is dedicated to agriculture, the eastern part of the Harz (which means “forest” in Old German) mountain range is located in the southwest. The Bode begins right at this point, in Harz National Park, and runs for 169 km until it joins the Saale, a tributary of the Elba.

Near the city of Bernburg, between Magdeburg and Leipzig, one bridge on this river needed replacing, which included rebuilding sections of the surrounding bridge access road and ramps.

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Bau- und Haustechnik Bad Düben, the company commissioned to do the work by the local Authority for State Road Construction, decided to send its new FAE STABI/H stabilizer out into the field.

Bau- und Haustechnik Bad Düben specializes in road work and has 265 employees, making it a leading company in the region. CEO Rudolf Schäfer and Construction Manager Hankel Torsten explained the key components of this project, which they chose to take on using the FAE STABI/H that they had in their fleet.

They started using the FAE STABI/H at the beginning of 2020 to stabilize the soil while rebuilding the bridge access roads that run along the banks of the Bode. HRB E 4 was used as the binding agent, a rapid hardening hydraulic base binder, conforming to the DIN 13282-1 standard. Depending on the moisture level of the ground being treated, it was used with a dosage from 3-5% (90 kg/m³), as requested by the customer. This helped achieve excellent load capacity, as well as low moisture permeability for the ground being treated, since there is the risk of flooding with the roads being so close to the river.


We quality tested samples of the treated material numerous times on site,” explained Hankel Torsten. “The results were very positive, so we were able to continue treating the ground in the subsequent layers, until the project was finished.” The stabilization work, finished in May 2020, took the company 4 months, and the soil required to build the road foundation was brought over from one of the company’s own quarries located in Kötten, about 20 km away. In all, about 1,670 cubic meters of material were treated and stabilized.

At the construction site, according to the experts, one of the best features of the STABI/H is its robust construction and its ability to work rocky soil very efficiently. The STABI/H, launched at BAUMA in 2016, is a highly productive pure stabilizer that can be combined with medium to heavy duty tractors (between 300 and 500 horse power). It was an instant hit in Germany, especially because of the option to add the Full Control System (FCS) for water injection. It works automatically, based on the depth of the work and the tractor’s advancing speed, resulting in a quality that is absolutely comparable to the systems used on self-propelled tillers, which are bulkier, more expensive, and not as flexible.

And also for this construction site on the Bode, it has met every expectation!

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