Military Technicians' day in Hungary

A fleet of multitasking PT-300 tracked carriers for the Hungarian Army

PTech Hungarian Army

Military Technicians’ and St. George’s Day are a big deal in Szentes, Hungary. On April 26th, everyone from soldiers to police officers and city residents gathers for a big celebration at the historic Damjanich military base.

Representatives from all technical subunits of the Hungarian Defense Forces attended the event, joining almost five thousand other visitors. The celebration began with honoring military guests, machine display, and awards.
The deputy commander of the Hungarian Defense Forces, Lieutenant General Gábor Böröndi, emphasized in his speech: “We are proud of our technical soldiers, their professional preparedness in various missions, their dedication in eliminating the consequences of domestic natural disasters.”

During the event, the Rákóczi Ferenc Engineer Regiment received new tools to help them carry out road construction and maintenance, as well as ongoing land mine removal operations (demining).
István Szabó, Hungarian Defense Secretary, delivered fifty-eight new equipment units, including a fleet of multitasking PrimeTech PT-300 machines, both remote controlled and driver operated.
Those PT tracked carriers feature various attachments, such as demining tillers, forestry mulchers, soil stabilizers, and rock crushers.

“The Hungarian government and the defense leadership are committed to providing Hungary with a credible force appropriate to the challenges of the modern age, capable of carrying out its task at all times.” István Szabó continued, “In this spirit, we have announced the Defense and Military Development Program, which will result in the establishment of a military force armed with weaponry and equipment appropriate for the modern age and the next ten years to come.”

PrimeTech is honored to be a reliable support in natural disaster relief, land mines elimination, and infrastructure development.

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