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PrimeTech upgrades PT-300D:Mine performance

PT 300DMine TheHaloTrust

The HALO Trust remains the largest international mine action operator in Sri Lanka with 830 staff, including a large proportion of former IDPs, who work in the Jaffna, Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu districts.
Fifty percent of the The Halo Trust deminers are women, many of them war widows with children to support. (Source The Halo Trust WebSite).

The PT-300 D:Mine is a state of the art, remote controlled, mechanical demining machine from PrimeTech, and has been used in Sri Lanka by The Halo Trust since mid-2017. The PT-300 D:Mine has been certified for both Antipersonnel (AP) and Antitank (AT) mines according to the CWA 15044/2009.


During operation, the operator of the machine is positioned at a safe distance while operating with a remote control. Therefore, sometimes it is difficult to properly visualize the demining tiller when working a minefield.
Another difficulty when dealing with this situation is the machine produces a large dust cloud in dry soil conditions. Video cameras are not a viable solution to the dust.

For this reason, PrimeTech engineers made two important upgrades that were recently installed on the PT-300 D:Mine owned by The Halo Trust. On November 2017, a PrimeTech engineer visited the Halo Sri Lanka work area in order to install the following upgrades to their machine:
 - Automatic Speed Control: this function is able to variably distribute engine power between the tracks and the tiller head, in order to moderate machine speed. Consequently, this keeps the tiller head running and processing soil without interruption. Having this function prevents an operator from stalling the tiller as a result of driving too fast for the soil conditions.
- Automatic Depth Control: when a suitable setting is chosen, the Automatic Depth Control allows the machine to till the ground to a determined level, with consistent and even depth (up to 20 cm) across a number of different ground profiles and vegetation densities.

“After these upgrades the machine became extremely easy to operate” stated Fiona Kilpatrick, Program Manager at the Halo Trust, “Our tests and use confirm that the machine is reliable, easy to deploy, and it has proven to have low maintenance cost.”

The PrimeTech TD/300 250 Tiller has a rugged and extremely resistant rotor structure that is equipped with an extremely wear resistant tool (Model G3 and STC3).  
This rotor also has the advantage of covering a 2.5m wide working area in one pass, maximizing the probability of neutralizing smaller AP mines.  
PrimeTech is confident that these innovations will grow the operational scope of demining machines and boost productivity of demining teams.

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