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When Baltimore County's Public Works department commissioned Cossentino Contracting Company to install approximately 2,000-ft. of 24-in. gravity sanitary sewers, the contractor knew it would need to cut through hard blue rock.
Kris Davis, president of Cossentino Contracting, based in in Rosedale, Md., also knew what the right tool would be to overcome this challenge - the FAE RC120 rock grinder. “We had to dig a 4-ft. wide and 10-ft. deep trench in a location where the majority of the material is rock,” said Davis. “We used various rock grinders in the past, but we needed something extra robust and productive for this job. FAE's RC120 exceeded our expectations and drastically sped up the completion of the project.”

Davis explained that the RC120 cut through the rock very quickly and allows his company to work in tandem with the hammer and the bracket without losing any time.Between straightforward installation, exceptional reliability and productivity, top-notch support, and fast spare parts delivery, we can't be any happier with this grinder,” he said. “It gives us a peace of mind and confidence in any project. From now on, it is our go-to tool for the toughest jobs.”

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Partnering with Midlantic Machinery, among Komatsu's largest U.S. distributors and based in Hatfield, Pa., also was an important cog in his company's success, he said.
“The top-quality equipment combined with unparalleled service and support ensures efficiency and high profits for every project,”

Davis said. “Komatsu excavators, combined with FAE rock grinders, is a winning combination for underground utility work.”
FAE USA Inc., located in Flowery Branch, Ga., has been serving construction and landclearing professionals since 1989. Contractors' success and equipment satisfaction is the backbone of his company's business, Giorgio Carera, CEO of FAE USA Inc., said.
“When our customers are happy and profitable, we are profitable as well,” Carera added. “We take every order personally and strive to deliver premium quality machinery and service to contractors in the United States and all over the world.”
The Towson Town Sanitary Sewer Project in Baltimore is now complete, and Cossentino Contracting Company has begun working on a new underground utility project - using its RC120.

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