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Primetech demo Day 2018 forestry

The headquarters of PrimeTech (division of FAE Group) in Sarnonico (TN) - Italy, hosted PrimeTech Demo Day 2018 on June 5th and 6th, 2018. The event, dedicated to end customers and dealers from all over the world, saw tracked carriers PT-300 (302 HP) and PT-475 (475 HP) – both with Tier 4F engine – in the spotlight.
PrimeTech Demo Day, which is now in its fifth year, hosts trials and demonstrations in the field and therefore in totally realistic conditions that allow participants to measure the efficiency of PrimeTech vehicles.
Over the two days of the event, customers and dealers from over 20 different countries were able to appreciate, first hand, the two flagship models from the range of specialist tracked carriers for forestry reclamation: the PT-300 (302 HP) with FAE 300/U-200 forestry mulcher and the PT-475 (475 HP) with the FAE SFH/PM-250 forestry tiller/rotovator. Field trials showcased the agility and manoeuvrability that are standout features on both vehicles, without forgetting the driving comfort that was greatly appreciated by those participating in the test drives.

“We have always done everything we can to make sure we give customers versatile, innovative excellence. We want to be pro-active partners who can assess and thoroughly familiarise with the real needs that are specific to each customer, in every precise operating context. This is what makes us organise these events, almost as if they were educational outings to provide hands-on experience of the solutions designed by our engineers and to fully understand the real difficulties that a machine encounters in its working environment,” says Andreas Lambacher, Sales Director at PrimeTech.
“Attendance levels were very high at this year’s event: with more than 80 customers from every continent. Five years ago, at the very first PrimeTech Demo Day, there were fewer than 10 clients in attendance. It had all begun a little by chance, but with every year, it has become a bigger success. The event has grown and our team and our products have grown with it.”

PrimeTech Demo Day concluded on 6th June, late in the afternoon, with a spectacular performance by the Show Action Group who, on board their trial bikes, gave a demonstration of their acrobatic skills using PrimeTech vehicles as obstacles.


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