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One on One with Giorgio Carera, CEO of FAE USA, Inc.

FAE USA, Inc. is the UNITED STATES hub for distribution of equipment, parts and training and is part of FAE Group SpA, who is the worldwide leader in manufacturing of land management equipment and road construction attachments.


What does FAE stand for?
Carera: When FAE began, we produced Forestry and Agriculture Equipment, thus the name FAE was derived. However, FAE has always been a very dynamic company and therefore developed various products for different industries such as Ag, Forestry, Construction, Mining, Demolition, Land Management, Full Depth Reclamation, etc. We offer any type of hydraulic mulcher for hydraulic carriers and any type of PTO mulchers and forestry tillers for Ag Tractors. As well as PTO mounted, Multi-purpose for Road Construction.

What is your strongest sector at this time?
Carera: In general, it is land management and land clearing but it is so diversified that it expands R.O.W of any type from oil and gas, power lines, to forest to farm, fire breaks, roadside clearing, commercial and residential developments, food plots, rock crushing for land reclamation, etc. I can go on and on with the list, but everyone who utilizes this type of equipment knows the applications are numerous. However, it is very important to say that our construction equipment for full depth reclamation (FDR) is gaining ground in every area and at every level of application. For example, soil stabilization for road construction, asphalt recycling, parking lot reclamation, pipeline patches, subdivision developments, airport runways, race tracks, trails of any kind, dirt & gravel roads.

Who is your main customer for the road construction and FDR equipment?
Carera: We supply private contractors as well as Government divisions at all levels. The contractors are diversified – from small business owners to the largest Enterprises. For example in TX, Reyes Construction, Inc. owns our equipment and they do various jobs from road construction to pipelines, from airports to highways. In NC, we work with a small contractor who is only involved in smaller road jobs and soil stabilization.

What is FAE’s business model?
Carera: FAE has always had a big vision and conquer the world. In order to accomplish this, you must partner with dealers and distributors who know their local market. Therefore, we are very meticulous in selecting dealers. An FAE dealer not only needs to sell the equipment, they must also provide excellent service. FAE dealers also must stock parts and go through intensive training. We also have our own sales and distribution companies in the key markets.

How is FAE structured?
Carera: Our production is in Italy, and we always maintain the highest quality product and the best design of the equipment. However, as previously mentioned, we have our own distribution hubs in the key markets such as Germany, France, Russia, Australia, Canada and of course the United States of America.
FAE USA, Inc. in Flowery Branch/Atlanta, GA primarily covers the United States but also part of the Latin American Market.

Mappa FAE worldwide

Giorgio, you often say that FAE puts a lot of effort in training; can you give us more details?
Carera: We focus very heavily on training and education. The first step is to train our internal TEAM. Our people go through constant and intensive training on regular basis.
Then it’s our Team’s job to educate the dealers in such a level they will be in the position to represent and service the FAE Equipment. We have FAE University program that is very detailed and intense.
We train all departments of the dealerships including owners and management to transfer knowledge and make sure that everyone is together in terms of representing a premium product with premium service. We take our training mission very seriously.

I have read a previous statement you made - FAE is the innovator in the industry; can you give us more details?
Carera: You are correct and you probably read this statement from an article published in 2007. Yes, We are the innovators! I will tell you why - we never rest, we never stop thinking about our customers and the possible new solutions to make them more profitable. If they are profitable we will also be profitable. Our TEAM is ‘boots on the ground’ every day and everywhere. We always get the best ideas from our customers who tell us what they need and how to update and improve products and we listen! FAE is the only company in the industry with such a wide range of equipment for the land management industry as well for Road Construction Attachments-FDR. I also have to give a lot of credit to our employees or team members as most of our team members have been with FAE for many years - and have been great assets and great contributors to FAE.

I also read in the past FAE invented the skid steer forestry mulcher? Is this correct?
Carera: Yes, correct. We presented it to the market in 1996. From there, several companies copied it and we got more competition. I personally think competition is a good thing for a few reasons:
a) motivation to stay ahead of everyone else and stay on our toes b) we have other companies and products to compare ourselves to and therefore be in the position to explain why we are the number one company in the world as far as product, presence, organization and as a solution provider.

What is your vision for the future?
Carera: Our vision will always be the same as it was almost 30 years ago when the company was founded. We want to be the number one solution provider in the industry and all over the world, setting the industry standards.

You spoke earlier about FAE constantly developing new products. Can you elaborate?
Carera: I can only answer this question partially as I don’t want to reveal company secrets and feed others with ideas. I can only tell you that we will continue developing new products no one else has and we will keep expanding the line to satisfy our dealers and customers.

In order to continue developing new products, do you also need to expand your facilities and production capacity?
Carera: Absolutely. At the level FAE operates and grows, we constantly expand or build new facilities. We have multiple production locations in Italy and we are in the process to expand the main plant. We also have 6 branches around the world that are in constant development. FAE USA, Inc. is also growing and expanding with new office space, additional floor space and more technological inventory systems.

Do you personally have direct contact with dealers and customers?
Carera: Yes. Every day I work hand in hand with some accounts with my sales TEAM. I am a ‘hands on’ person and I am always out there. This is critical for me as I want to see things with my own eyes and hear things with my own ears. This allows me to have a comprehensive knowledge of the market and their needs

Very often we see FAE mulching heads on other Prime Movers that are not PrimeTech, why is that?
Carera: Very simple, FAE heads are the preferred heads by most OEM manufacturers who do not make heads. These manufacturers have a wide choice of heads to choose from, but FAE is the preferred for many reasons - we stand behind our product and it is the most reliable product available. Most importantly, no matter where the customer is working, parts and service are available due to our extended dealer network worldwide.

What can you tell us about PrimeTech?
Carera: the reason why FAE is the biggest brand in the world is that we always make everything revolve around the customers; Never about FAE but always about making sure our customers are taken care of no matter what.

To conclude, what do you want to say to our readers?
Carera: If you have ideas to continue developing the industry in a sustainable way, talk to us and we are always open to listen. The ideas and suggestions of our customers and people from the industry are what drive our desire to deliver solutions that make all of us profitable.


#press release August 2018#

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