Stone Crushers and MTH Stabilizers
in the construction sites of Northern Europe

Reliable and efficient under the toughest conditions, our machines are used on medium-high horsepower and reduced-gear tractors introducing the stone crushers and soil stabilizers of the FAE ROAD MTH SERIES range.

MTH Case history Norvegia 1

FAE machines have been designed and produced to ensure maximum time efficiency. Great attention to detail, the use of high-quality materials and technologically-advanced components enable us to achieve the exceptional performance standards which characterise FAE-branded machines.

The Importance of Details

The machines of the MTH range are manufactured according to strict construction methods and are developed using unique components, which are the result of substantial research and development within the FAE Group. We develop unique solutions which are reliable and efficient under the toughest conditions.
Stone crushers, which are particularly tough thanks to the use of highly-resistant anti-wear steel, are ideal for the construction and maintenance of unsurfaced roads and forest trails. Capable of crushing stones of any type and size, even below ground and to stabilize even the most difficult terrain.
For the preparation of sublayers for roads, motorways, airports, industrial sites, railway lines, and other infrastructures, the Construction range also provides a variety of soil stabilizers, which can guarantee excellent results both in terms of productivity, and in terms of the evenness of the soil mix. This is thanks to a working depth capacity of up to 50 cm.

Standard Equipment

The MTH stabilizer/stone crusher features double transmission with gearbox, hydraulically treated forged-steel tool holder, completely enclosed anti-dust Weldox® machine body, interchangeable Hardox® counter-blades, bolted forged-steel rotors, interchangeable Hardox® inside protection, adjustable rear grid, hydraulically-controlled front and rear hood, dozing blade on rear hood, with levelling shock absorbers, hydraulic top link.

MTH Case history Norvegia 3Thanks to the support of the Tecura supplier in Sweden and Customer Support in Italy, Broströms Gotland is confident that they have an MTH which is always working at full capacity: spare parts and assistance are always guaranteed.

Variable Crushing Chamber

Up to a depth of 35 cm the MTH operates while only touching the soil with the rotor. Thanks to a mobile rotor (hydraulically adjustable from the tractor cabin), the volume in the crushing chamber where the soil is mixed is adjustable: the deeper it works, the greater the volume in the chamber.
Compared to a machine which sinks into the soil with the frame, the adjustable crushing chamber of the MTH reduces tensile stress thereby guaranteeing reduced fuel consumption, increased efficiency and time saving.

Working Machines in the Construction Sites of Northern Europe

Here are two jobs carried out by the Broströms Gotland AB company using theFAE MTH machine towed by a Fendt 939 tractor: the first job site is in Finland, the second one in Sweden.
Broströms Gotland AB was founded nine years ago and is based on a small island of the Baltic Sea, between Sweden and Russia. It employs 24 permanent staff and also seasonal employees, and uses nine excavators (between 1.5 to 30 tonnes). Stabilization, land reclamation and preparation of difficult terrains feature regularly. Their professionalism, expertise and focus on technology and performance mean that Broströms Gotland are contracted to work on Northern Europe’s construction sites and roads because they provide the highest quality at all times.

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Treatment for Milling Gravel and Asphalt

“It took two weeks of hard work, but the customer is satisfied, and there is no better result than this!” - said Oskar Broströms, founder of Broströms Gotland AB, after the completion of a project on the island of Åland, in Finland: 70,000 sqm of gravel and asphalt which were crushed and processed to ensure the consequent repaving of the road. "After this tough job we will load our Fendt 939 tractor and MTH FAE crusher onto a trailer and head for Gotland, where a more exciting job awaits us, which however requires the same level of professionalism: with the MTH we will prepare the race track for the GGN, the most important endurance motocross race in the world which takes place at the end of October in Sweden”, said Broströms.

Stabilization with Mortar and Cement

“These days we are working on the expansion of the Visby port on a three-layer stabilization, each of the layers measuring 50 cm in depth. We use mortar and cement, to stabilize a sludgy soil mainly containing clay and stones of up to 30 cm in diameter. The working area measures 12,000 sqm: if we consider three stages for a depth of 50 cm, at the end of the job the machine will have processed 18,000 cbm of soil".
Broströms has chosen the FAE MTH for its power and ability to achieve maximum working depths and excellent crushing results thanks to its granule-adjustable crushing chamber. "Every day - continued Broströms - we use up approx. 50 l of fuel per hour for this job: the MTH enables us to optimize fuel consumption, because the crushing chamber and mobile rotor adjust to the depth of the job, reducing the tensile stress and enabling us to save on fuel". Broströms Gotland is used to hard work and the results we obtain with the multitask MTH head fully satisfy the requirements of our company, which does not give up when confronted by any obstacle and challenges its machines on all types of ground: from tracks to forest trails, from asphalt to agricultural land. “We have reclaimed an agricultural area which hadn't been used for 40 years: the ground was so full of rocks that its owners had given up. But with the MTH we have returned the area to them”.

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