Mulchers for Tractors

FAE’s small mulcher with Bite Limiter technology for tractors.

Patrizio mulcher works on trees branches and bushes up to 6 in in diameter and is great for mulching pruning debris.
The rotor features Bite Limiter technology.
Steel limiter rings limit the depth of cut, reducing power demand and guaranteeing exceptional performance.
Patrizio has adjustable and interchangeable bolted skids, two rows of counter blades for fine, even mulching, a hydraulic hood with built-in cylinder protected by the machine body, and a heat-treated forged-steel tooth holder with MINI BL blades and MINI C/3 teeth.


from 50 to 100 hp

Shredding diameter

Ø 6 in max

Most important features
Bite Limiter rotor

exceptional speed and performance with lower power requirement

Standard equipment

    • Hydraulic rear hood
    • Cylinder protection
    • Enclosed/anti dust machine body
    • Protection chains
    • Welded steel counter-blades
    • Transmission with belts
    • Gearbox with freewheel
    • PTO shaft with cam clutch
    • Bolt-on rotor shafts (in forged steel)
    • Bite Limiter Rotor

Original FAE tools

Unmatched performance
Mini Blade BL | FAE
Mini Blade BL
Ideal for:
Hardwood trees
Softwood trees
Exposed stumps
Bushes and branches
Mini C/3 | FAE
Mini C/3
Ideal for:
Hardwood trees
Exposed stumps
Bushes and branches


Frontal attachment | FAE
Frontal attachment
Possibility to choose Transmission 540 / 1000 rpm
Multiple tooth options | FAE
Multiple tooth options
Hydraulic top link | FAE
Hydraulic top link
Mechanic push frame | FAE
Mechanic push frame
Technology - Bite Limiter rotor | FAE
Bite Limiter rotor

The experience of the FAE Group has given rise to a new line of professional mulchers for excavators equipped with Bite Limiter technology.

The Bite Limiter rotor features special profiles in Hardox wear-resistant steel, guaranteeing an optimal cutting depth from the blades (MINI BL, BL, BL MAX).

This reduces the demand for power and facilitates a consistent working speed, leading to excellent performance when mulching any type of wood. The Bite Limiter also reduces the likelihood of rotor stalling and optimizes fuel consumption.

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