FAE introduces SCL/SSL stump cutters for 75-120 hp skid steers

FAE expands its line of products for skid steers with the new SCL/SSL stump cutter for 75-120 HP skid steers.

The new SCL/SSL is ideal for removing stumps in forests and parks, on roadsides, by riverbanks, and in agricultural settings.

Compact, maneuverable, and easy to handle, SCL/SSL stump cutters feature a sturdy disc rotor to tackle the most stubborn stumps and roots up to 20 inches deep.


The SCL/SSL’s Direct Drive motor minimizes maintenance and makes it possible to have an extremely compact machine body.

Hydraulic and proportional swing controls allow operators, while stationary, to swing the unit back and forth to grind larger material. The support blade gives the stump cutter added stability while in operation.

The machine comes with Plug & Play adapter cables to connect to the most popular skid steers on the market.