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Working with top-of-the-line machines in Bavaria

Stabilize without compromise with a STABI/H/HP

The STABI/H is FAE's top-of-the-line professional stabilizer for the construction market. It is a latest-generation model for tractors in the 300-500 horsepower range that reaches a max. working depth of 60 cm and is designed for the most demanding projects: roads, highways, railroads, parking lots, shopping centers, industrial plants and other infrastructure work.

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In Germany, a STABI/H/HP 250 is part of the equipment fleet of Steppe Tief- und Strassenbau GmbH, a private company in Bavaria that specializes in road construction, excavation and earth moving, with € 10 million in revenue and 45 employees. The STABI/H/HP 250 was purchased in August 2020.
A decisive factor in selecting this product was how easily the HP model can be adapted to high powered tractors. Steppe Tief- und Strassenbau uses a very special tractor, in fact, a new customized Fendt 1046. Its black body attracts as much attention as its 460 horsepower.

Pulled by the Fendt tractor, the STABI/H/HP was immediately used at a construction site in Hermaringen, a town located a few kilometers north of Ulm. 

Let's see how this machine performed on site and hear the experts’ first impressions, in this case, the impressions of the company owners, Norbert Steppe and his son Lukas.

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Our job was focused on ground stabilization by compacting a huge amount of dirt for the expansion of an industrial area, an enormous job given that there were more than 17,000 m² to stabilize,” explained Norbert. “The material that needed to be recycled was brought on site directly by the customer and split into several layers. On-site work was organized in four different stages, each with a daily production of about 3,000-6,000 m². We used a total of 400 tons of a product provided by Schwenk as a binding agent, tilling the ground in 50 cm deep passes."

It was a pure stabilization job. The dirt we handled was contaminated excavation material which, after stabilization, reached a grain size of about 0-100 mm. We did it all working at a speed of 0.6-0.8 km/h with a fuel consumption of 35-45 liters per hour.

After finishing the job without any trouble, the STABI/H/HP 250 won the admiration of the Steppe team, who were happy with the results. “We are very satisfied with our FAE. STABI/H completely meets our earth moving requirements,” Norbert affirmed.

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