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The PT-300 arrives in Brazil

A satisfying trip to introduce the PT-300 to the south american country for the first time

The delivery of a new PT is always a highly anticipated event for the new owner. With a machine as eye-catching and impactful as the FAE PT-300, it’s no surprise that it’s also a cause for excitement for the dealer and the media. “The news of the PT-300’s arrival in Brazil was broadcast on Brazil’s 3rd largest television network,” recalls Massimo Taborelli, FAE’s Service Manager with years of experience delivering to customers all over the world.


“Thanks to the interest of the dealer, Roder, a journalist and two cameramen were there for the field tests. They created a very interesting video which was used in a news story on a national news program.”

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Brazil, with its sprawling wilderness and often extreme climate, could benefit significantly from this tracked carrier. “FAE Service has tested the PT-300 in every climate and temperature, from Siberia at -50°C to the Australian Outback at +50°C,” Massimo states. “This extraordinary machine gave its best in all conditions. In Brazil, the temperature was 40°C with 95% humidity, and the PT-300 never overheated. The only issue was keeping the radiator clean, with all the dust clouds the tracks kicked up.”

Delivery was completed in January and took several days. “We used the first few days to train the dealer and end user and three days for field testing,” Massimo continues. Of course, there was a Pre-Delivery Check, a full inspection before handing the machine over to the customer.”

During training, FAE staff shared a great deal
of information about how to use the machine
and keep it functioning properly,
from scheduled maintenance and diagnostics to troubleshooting breakdowns and other problems.

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The three Roder technicians who participated in the training will be the customer’s points of contact should they need anything. “We demonstrated driving techniques by testing the machine on three types of terrain and with different processes: milling stumps, felling large bamboo canes, and cleaning up power lines on steep slopes.”

The last one was especially interesting to the customer, a contractor and FAE customer who already has five FAE heads for excavators and tractors and mainly rotates crops and cleans up power lines.


“We are very happy with this trip, which was even more special because of the ten-year bond of friendship and respect we share with the owner of Roder, Dyme Roder, and his team,” concludes Massimo.

During the trip, Dyme introduced the PT-300 to three other potential customers and hopefully paved the way for the future success of FAE tracked carriers in Brazil.


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