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A special RCU-75 for the Turin Fire Department

The FAE remote controlled tracked carrier in action fighting forest fires

The new RCU-75 produced for the Regional Fire Department of Piedmont (Turin Command) in Italy is bright red, to match the colors of the fire crews. From now on, the Department will have a valuable ally that will work tirelessly to fight forest fires in the region and operate safely in emergencies. FAE’s tracked carrier is remote controlled. When paired with special heads, it can quickly and efficiently perform tasks that were previously thought impossible without specialized equipment or without high risk to the workers.

This special RCU-75 is equipped with the FAE BL2/RCU head, a forestry mulcher with Bite Limiter rotor. The customer also chose to equip the machine with another accessory: a snow blower. Additionally, they requested a winch, which is vital in rescue operations and for securing precariously balanced vehicles or objects,” adds Federico Gruppioni, FAE Product Manager, who dealt with the delivery and commissioning of the machine and provided two training sessions along with his coworkers from FAE Service.


Piedmont’s regional fire department had some very specific criteria,” explains Marco Traversa, from TRAVERSA MARIO SNC, a long-time partner of FAE based in Serravalle Langhe, Italy, along with his brother Massimo and nephew Alex. “They wanted a very reliable machine for intensive use. The territory that the machine will be working on has dense vegetation, which is very dry and extremely flammable due to the drought that has hit northern Italy in recent years. Working in hard-to-reach areas or on steeply sloping terrain requires special equipment that ensures user safety and operating efficiency.”

We’ve been selling FAE machines for more than twenty years, and our professional relationship is based on mutual trust and a shared passion for quality,” adds Traversa. “That’s why we were totally committed and excited about this important sale, knowing we could offer a superior product. The customer’s specification called for FAE branded professional wood shredders, a snow blower and a forestry winch. The tracked carrier is compact, powerful and remote controlled. Powered by a 74 hp Kohler motor, it can shred timber and branches up to 15 cm in diameter and is fitted with a BL2/RCU head with a fixed-tooth rotor plus bite limiter technology, for high output even with low horsepower, thanks to the low power absorption.”

One of the key aspects of this model is its ability to work on steep slopes up to 55°. Additionally, the heavy-duty undercarriage features a hydraulic variable track system with independent undercarriage frames for maximum stability on rough ground. The high-profile rubber tracks offer fantastic grip, and the machine also has a steel-tracked undercarriage for excellent traction even on very challenging terrain. The rubber belts are paired with a triple-flange oscillating roller system on the undercarriage, while the hydrostatic triple transmission optimizes traction and attachment management. Electronically controlled piston pumps, combined with a dedicated electronic control unit, provide an integrated technological system.

"The result is high performance, long-term reliability, and simple, intuitive operation,” continues Federico. “The RCU-75 is guided by a remote control, with a large 3.5" display for superior management of all the machine and head functions, not to mention customizable function keys. A 2.4 GHz transmission frequency ensures reliable communication. Optimally laid out and comprehensive controls, together with a balanced shoulder strap, make the FAE remote control unit ergonomic and easy to use.”

The RCU-75 and set of heads were delivered to the customer in February 2023.

FAE Service deployed the machine and trained the firefighters on how to use it in a series of practical tests on trees and vegetation.

We hope the new RCU-75 will assist the Fire Department in their important rescue missions for many years to come.

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