Road planers for excavators

The RPL/HY is a road planer for excavators from 5 to 8 t, capable of milling up to 11.5 cm deep. The RPL/HY is ideal for preparing the surface of the road for laying a new layer of asphalt or concrete. Its features include a wide-stroke self-leveling system to keep the head properly aligned while in operation, and teeth specifically designed for asphalt and concrete road surfaces.

Excavator weight

from 5 to 8 t

Working depth

11,5 cm 

Flow rate

from 50 to 90 L/min

Standard equipment

    • Direct-drive transmission
    • Mechanically adjustable working depth
    • Flow Control valve with integrated relief and anti-cavitation valves
    • 470 cc hydraulic piston motor
    • Fittings for hydraulic connections
    • Enclosed, dust-resistant machine body
    • Rotor with picks R/44/A
    • Self-levelling attachment bracket

Original FAE tools

Unmatched performance
Pick R/44/A| FAE
Pick R/44/A
Ideal for:
Paved roads
Pick R/44/C | FAE
Pick R/44/C
Ideal for:
Paved roads


Customized attachment bracket with pins | FAE
Customized attachment bracket kit with customized pins
Multiple tooth options | FAE
Multiple tooth options
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