PT-400 D:Mine

PT-400 D:Mine

PT-400 D:MINE - Heavy duty mechanical demining asset (CWA 15044/2009)

PT-400 D:Mine is a Heavy mechanical demining asset, able to withstand blasts from anti-tank mines.
It is a machine built for severe-duty jobs, with a rugged and extremely resistant structure made of special steels selected for their exceptional strength, offering a very high level of reliability.
The vehicle is equipped with the FAE 500/TD demining tiller, whichhas a working width of 2750 mm . The strongly purpose built demining tiller will till the ground at an incredible speed clearing the area, eliminating the mines and making the area safe.
The demining tiller or flails also protects the machine from damages, can work up to 300 mm in depth and ensure that mine clearance operations are made properly.


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