FAE offers a wide variety of mulchers and tillers for land management and agriculture. From stump removal and land reclamation to day-to-day maintenance of your farm, fields, orchards, and vineyards, we have optimized land clearing solutions for every application.

We offer an extensive line of hydraulic and PTO-driven mulching attachments with horsepower from 80 to 600 hp ready to tackle anything from light brush , stumps , rocks to standing timber. FAE's mulchers are known for their unparalleled productivity, reliability, and minimal maintenance. Whether you are weeding, removing crop residue, or clearing out a brand new lot for planting, FAE mulching equipment is your best bet.

Do you need to do some deep grinding of unworked soil full of stumps and roots? No problem-just check out our forestry tillers. With shredding diameters of up to 28 inches and working depths as deep as 20 inches, they guarantee to turn untamed soil into fine, ready-to-plant product quickly and efficiently.

Topsoil erosion often results in the emergence of rocks on the surface. To combat this issue, FAE offers a line of stone crushers that are designed to work in narrow spaces with outstanding precision. Hardox® steel lines the crushing chambers of these machines, making them highly resistant to abrasion and virtually invincible.

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