Technology that makes all the difference

 PT production unit set up 2

FAE Group is preparing to continue the strong growth trend that has led the company to more than double its revenue since 2011, placing it among the top 500 Italian-made champions, according to The Economy of the Corriere della Sera (Italian main newspaper), Italypost and Special Affairs. After a record-breaking 2017, in which revenue increased by over 30% compared to 2016, forecasts for 2018 revenues look very positive.
The continuous growth of the group is due to a market scenario that remains favourable both in Europe and overseas, but it is also thanks to FAE Group’s ability to understand and anticipate the ever-increasing needs of its customers, which has in turn led to the continuous innovation of the product and important investments in new production sites and technologies.
As for PrimeTech headquarters, the FAE Group division that designs and manufactures tracked vehicles, much has been invested in the implementation of new lines for the production and assembly of vehicles in 2018. This has led to an improvement in the quality performance of the brand and has allowed the FAE Group to be increasingly competitive in the global market, while also developing new business relationships and consolidating existing ones.

New PrimeTech production unit set-up
The large PrimeTech factory covers an area of 3,600 square metres including the warehouse, production and assembly lines. In 2018, logistics and layout of the production lines were optimised by moving the cabin assembly as well as production of wiring harnesses, including test benches into the lower ground floor.
The result is more space available on ground level for a second assembly station dedicated to the pre-assembly of power units.
In the lower ground floor, the mechanics and electricians who carry out the wiring, fitting and testing of the cabins can now work in a cleaner, controlled atmosphere which is more suited to the type of components they use, and guaranteeing the quality of workmanship at each production stage.

The new industrial hydraulic manipulator
This year, the new cabin assembly department saw the introduction of a brand-new hydraulic positioner and manipulator for handling and rotating cabins.
The main feature of this machine is the ability to perform the following operations:
- Cabin rotation
- Inclination
- Elevation
- Possibility to mount different models of cabin
This allows cabin fitters to always work in an ergonomic position and in complete safety during all stages of assembly. It helps create a safer working environment, allowing a more efficient and quicker handling of the cabins and an overall improvement in the quality of the cabin assembly.

The vertical storage system
The hydraulic manipulator is the most recent investment that the company has made in the last decade to improve production processes, but for instance the automatic vertical drawer storage system has been at PrimeTech for many years now. This system allows to:
- Recover space within the production plant
- Save time in picking and managing components
- Reduce errors and simplify picking phases
- Keep the inventory updated in real time
- Increase safety

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