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TESTIMONIAL - Chris Wilson

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I own a PrimeTech PT-175, is the ultimate compact land clearing machine. From its fantastic hill climbing abilities and efficient ground speed to its luxury cab the PT-175 is without a doubt the best choice in its class. It doesn't end there, with 61 gpm at 5,250 psi the PT-175 produces high levels of production. With these flows and pressures the head runs at peak rpm longer through material and if stalled, recovers to full speed within 5 seconds or less. One of the big things that has stood out to us at Willson Excavation is how well the machine is sealed up around the cab and engine bay, after running this machine in harsh conditions for 150 hour increments we have found little to no build up of mulch in the belly of the machine.

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Having the engine bay and belly clean and free of wood chips or leaves allows pumps, valves and hoses to stay cooler and helps prevent components from overheating. We try to do as much in-house servicing as possible to control expenses, the PT-175 is built around the concept that it can be serviced anywhere with basic hand tools. 
All drain plugs come with hoses that have to be connected in order for fluids to begin draining, this provides a clean easy field maintenance. When we were searching for machines the thing that was most important to us was manufacturer and dealer support. Working with FAE and PrimeTech has been one of the best experiences we have ever had and they have made life long customers out of us.
Their service team is well trained on the products from a technical aspect and field running experience and if we call with a question 9 times out of 10 we will have an answer by the end of the day. FAE and PrimeTech know how important it is for us to be up and running everyday and they will do whatever it takes to ensure that happens. We would highly recommend one of the PrimeTech machines to anyone considering a dedicated mulcher. 

Chris & David Willson of Willson Excavation & Forestry Mulching

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