FAE USA Inc. 10th Annual Open House


demo day Fae Usa

FAE USA Inc. hosted its 10th annual Open House event on April 28 at its headquarters in Flowery Branch, GA. The Open house-demo has grown in attendance every year and this year turnout was more than 200 guests. The event kicked off with breakfast and an opportunity for attendees to leisurely explore the facility.

FAE USA’s CEO, Giorgio Carera welcomed the guests with an opening speech about the company history and worldwide structure. He also presented the mission and vision, he quoted “FAE sees opportunities where others don’t, simply because we live every day next to our customers and with boots on the ground”.
Carera also presented awards for larger volume dealers, innovators and dealers that have consistently supported the annual event.
FAE USA also presented a substantial donation to special guest, combat hero and Wounded Warriors in Action representative John Keeney. A second substantial donation was presented to Elachee Nature Science Center of Gainesville, GA.

Local dignitaries were also present, Shelly Davis VP Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce and Stan Brown, City manager, Oakwood GA.

demo day Fae Usa 1

Machine demonstrations were conducted on and off site from FAE USA.
Demonstrations featured the MTM 225 multipurpose tractor mounted head in asphalt recycling application. The MTM 225 grinded up a 8.5” asphalt road.
The recycled asphalt has been perfectly mixed in the soil creating a new base for the new asphalt to be applied.
The STCH 225 Rock Crusher was demonstrated grinding a windrow of granite rocks up to 20” in diameter.
The new “Bite Limiter Rotor System” was demonstrated on a UML/SSL 150 VT skid steer high flow mulcher. The new bite limiter system is capable of grinding trees limiting the bite of the rotor and increasing the productivity of the mulcher in some applications.
Several new machines were also featured on a static display.
The new RC rock grinder for excavators with a range of 8 different size heads for excavators from 2.5 T to 70 T.
The new DML/SSL 175 VT (68” cutting width) standard flow skid steer mulcher and the new UML/HD/DT 225 (91” cutting width) tractor mounted heavy duty mulcher.
The new UML/S/EX VT was also featured and highlighted as it covers excavator range from 20 T to 25 T (available in 53” and 63” cutting width).

The event was described by most attendees “larger than life”.

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