Bauma 2019

FAE and FIZA: new roads ahead



The leading heavy machinery distributor in Colombia, FIZA SAS., has been offering state-of-the-art machinery for construction applications for over thirty years. Their mission is to improve the quality of life and infrastructure in their homeland through education and collaboration with like-minded corporations and, of course, the world’s leading brands of construction equipment.
One of the first projects FIZA needed help with was connecting small towns in Colombia with cost-effective and easy-to-maintain roads. In many cases, the towns and villages are located in difficult to access locations, which are hard to reach for conventional road equipment. For small projects (less than 13 miles/20 km) in La Belleza (Santander) and Tocancipa (Cundinamarca), FIZA’s customers utilize FAE’s RSL attachments for compact and efficient stabilizing and recycling.

Their typical applications would be road repair and recycling of existing materials. Both municipalities and private contractors rent the RSL attachments from FIZA and rave about the results!
FAE’s MTM225 became the star of the show for the 4-generation roads, as the project named Puerta de Hierro – Cruz del Vizo. It expanded over 108 miles (173 kilometers) of existing roads through soil stabilization with limestone. Impressed by the MTM’s outstanding performance and efficiency on this massive project, Sacyr’s engineering team has ordered a second unit. Their technique of mixing binding agents with soil using FAE’s MTM 225 unit proved to be an excellent, cost-efficient solution. The residents enjoy their new roads and the improved connectivity between towns.

Thanks to a series of forums about new infrastructure technologies, INVIAS and MINISTERIO de TRANSPORTES (Department of Transportation) have noticed the soil stabilization methods offered by FAE and FIZA SAS. These ideas and formulas stood out among 170+ new technologies presented. Currently, both government entities are testing fourteen of those methods in different scenarios.
Once the techniques are approved on the government level, they may be implemented for road recovery and construction at statewide and nationwide levels.
Why did FIZA decide to add FAE machinery to its product lines? The contractors love features like variable and robust chamber design and a diverse line of teeth tailored to a wide range of applications.
Combined with unparalleled reliability and productivity, those elements ensure the success of every project and deliver outstanding return on investment.
Innovation is a crucial component of staying ahead of the curve. At BAUMA’19, FAE presented the new SONIC technology that takes machine performance to a new level.

The FIZA team and their customers stopped by FAE’s booth to experience the new powerful technology in person. The SONIC mulching management tool for land clearing applications allows minimum recovery time and higher torque to the rotor.
The guests were impressed by the new, intelligent system that drastically improves productivity even in most challenging conditions.
FAE is grateful for this strong partnership and excited to help build many more roads and expand the agricultural and forestry possibilities in beautiful Colombia.

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