With its innovative features, the official FAE app lets you get the most out of your FAE products.

Sonic, for forestry mulchers with Sonic technology, for skid steers and excavators.
The FAE app makes it possible to quickly and easily calibrate the Sonic system for a fast and accurate connection to the operating machine, boosting productivity by up to 30%. The app’s integrated diagnostics system and real-time monitoring of key parameters,  like rotor speed and operating pressure, assist in resolving any problems. Additionally, the app enables you to choose your operating speed by selecting three different operating modes.

Belt tensioning for FAE forestry mulchers, stump cutters, and stone crushers with a transmission belt.
With this new feature, it’s possible to automatically check the exact tensioning of your transmission belts without having to rely on other tools.

The FAE app also makes it possible to view the latest FAE news and  access the FAE Product Registration page directly with a QR code.