Tracked Carriers
Available in the following versions:  PT475 - Tier 3

The FAE PT475 is the perfect tracked carrier for major work in wooded areas and forests or along oil and gas pipelines.
The sturdy construction with oscillating undercarriage can be equipped with forestry mulchers, stump cutters or the SFH/PM multitask head for crushing stone and tilling soil.
The amazing power of the CAT C13 Acert straight-six engine lets you work on soft, uneven and swampy ground.
The hydraulic system guarantees reliability and efficiency.
The spacious cab is unrivaled when it comes to comfort, ergonomics and operator safety.


475 hp | TIER 4 FINAL / STAGE V -


Most important features

The strength and reliability of the Caterpillar C13 six-cylinder engine.
Supplies 475 hp in the Tier 4 Final/Stage V and Tier 3/ Stage III A versions.
Always topnotch performance supported by a global service network.


Working on vast terrains with soft, uneven or swampy ground is the norm for the FAE PT-475. Longitudinal slopes of 45° and transverse slopes of 35°. High power and minimum ground pressure of 0.37 kg/cm2.


High-tech body and soul.
An integrated system developed by FAE to ensure maximum performance.
With a network of sensors to monitor key operating parameters, everything in the PT-475 can be easily fine-tuned.


Designed with total operator comfort in mind. ROPS/FOPS/OPS cabs - the industry benchmark. High Lexan™ windows. Ergonomic joysticks. Pneumatic seat. 7” color display to monitor and modify all operating functions.


It can be paired with forestry mulchers, stump cutters or the SFH/PM multitask head for crushing stones and tilling soil. The SFH/PM head can also be combined with the floating function to ensure that the unit always follows the contours of the ground closely.

  • The engine of the FAE PT-475 is a guarantee of strength, reliability and global assistance

    The Caterpillar C13 Acert six-cylinder engine in the FAE PT-475 guarantees strength, reliability and global support. Equipped with a turbocharger with after cooler and Acert technology, the Tier 4 Final/Stage V version of this engine delivers a full 475 hp. Efficient, powerful, with superb consumption/power ratio. Compliance with the Tier 4 Final/Stage V standard is guaranteed with the combination of diesel particulate filter (DPF), selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) technologies. The FAE PT-475 is also available in a Tier 3/Stage III A version for emission-free markets, rated at 475 hp.
    The large, 12.5-liter displacement and a cooling system designed specifically for the FAE PT-475 ensure that both configurations offer peak performance in heavyduty applications and when working in tropical climes.

  • The transmissions of the FAE PT-475 are based on two fundamental concepts: technology and integration

    The transmissions designed for the FAE PT-475 are based on two fundamental concepts: technology and integration. Electronically controlled pumps and sensors and a dedicated control unit, working together to deliver maximum performance. The systems are designed to enable the CAT C13 Acert engine to operate at optimal rpms at all times.
    The FAE PT-475’s hydrostatic transmission also serves to dampen operating loads. This ensures that the carrier and its key components are subjected to less stress, reducing wear and tear. The end result is greater durability than a mechanical transmission.
    The FAE PT-475’s optional load control feature optimizes power management, ensuring that the mulcher always operates at peak power while reducing forward speed as needed.
    An added benefit of the FAE PT-475’s hydrostatic transmission is its ability to accommodate a wide variety of FAE equipment: forestry mulchers, stump cutters or the SFH/PM multitask head for crushing stone and tilling soil.

  • The FAE PT-475 undercarriage structure provides maximum operational performance and reliability even in the most demanding jobs

    The FAE PT-475 undercarriage is designed to provide maximum operating performance and reliability, even in the most demanding conditions. Prime quality Berco components. Chains with lifetime lubrication offer longer life than conventional chains as well as greater operator comfort. Solid, reliable dozertype rollers. Oscillating undercarriage technology for superior traction and comfort. Two options available for roller guards to better adapt to different working environments.
    Conventional geometry ensures a low center of gravity and provides optimal contact between chain and drive wheel. Two fundamental elements for the best possible work, even on slopes. The FAE PT-475 wheelbase also extends the area over which the load is distributed, which means lower specific pressure against the ground. The frames of the PT-475 undercarriage are designed to withstand major stresses and make maintenance easier.

  • The FAE PT-475 cabin is safe even for those who work in extreme conditions

    The cab of the FAE PT-475 is designed for those who work in extreme conditions. It is ergonomic, soundproof and guarantees optimal visibility, making it an industry benchmark. Joysticks built into the pneumatic suspension seat allow for easy, precise operation of the PT-475. The controls on the side console are distributed to make them user friendly, and the 7” color display keeps the essential carrier parameters in view at all times. ROPS/FOPS/OPS certification meets the highest standards of operator safety, even in the most demanding applications. The air conditioning system vents located throughout the cabin provide all the comfort the operator needs, in hot or cold weather. An optional cabin pressurization system is also available.
    The large, 12-mm thick, impact and scratch-resistant Lexan™ windows provide excellent visibility. Powerful LED work lights offer broad coverage, ensuring precise, safe work in all conditions.

Standard equipment

    • DOC/DPF/SCR after-treatment system
    • 660-mm single-grouser steel pads, lubricated chain, dozer-roller version
    • Hydrostatic transmission
    • Hydrostatic transmission attachments
    • Oscillating undercarriage
    • ROPS/FOPS/OPS-approved cabin
    • Comfort driver’s seat (heated and air suspended)
    • Ergonomic joysticks
    • Heating and air conditioning system
    • Cabin dust filtration
    • 7" LCD color display
    • Multimedia - Bluetooth radio
    • LED working lights
    • H-frame with fixed pin attach system
    • 12-mm Lexan cabin windshields
    • CAT C13 Acert turbocharged and after-cooled engine
    • Aluminum engine cooler with anti-clogging fins
    • Aluminum hydraulic oil cooler with anti-clogging fins
    • Air shutoff valve
    • Air compressor system


Rear winch - rated towing capacity: 13t | FAE
Rear winch with 13-t traction force
Rear view camera with additional LCD display (visibility package) | FAE
Rear view camera with additional LCD display (visibility package)
Additional lighting package (visibility package) | FAE
Visibility Package (LED headlights + back-up camera)
Proportional and reversible radiator fan | FAE
Proportional and reversible radiator fan
Air shut-off system | FAE
Air shut-off system
Protective windshield grill | FAE
Protective windshield grill
Cabin pressurization system | FAE
Cabin pressurization system
Oil top-off pump (service package) | FAE
Oil top-off pump (service package)
Automatic fire suppression system | FAE
Automatic fire-extinguishing system
Air-window cleaning system | FAE
Air window cleaning system
Chain guides | FAE
Chain guide
Rock guards  | FAE
Rock guards
Service light (service package) | FAE
Service light (service package)
Pre-heating system for engine and hydraulic oil | FAE
Pre-heating system
Active Power Management (Load Control and Floating System)

Available heads

500/U - Forestry mulchers for special vehicles (PT-475)
Heavy duty hydraulic mulcher for higher horse power carriers
SFH/PM - Multitasks for special vehicles (PT-475)
Hydraulic multitask stone crusher, forestry tiller and mulcher
500/SC - Stump cutters for special vehicles (PT-475)
Hydraulic stump cutters for higher horse power carriers
300/U - Forestry mulchers for special vehicles (PT-475)
Heavy duty hydraulic mulcher for higher horse power carriers
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