Rock Cutters for Excavators

Rock Cutters with fixed teeth for excavators.

Designed to be installed on all types of excavators.
Suitable for crushing rocks and hard surfaces including bitumen, asphalt and concrete.
Typical applications range from trenching jobs to concrete profiling; from quarrying to underwater dredging; from foundations work to tunneling.
High productivity, low noise and vibrations make the RC series a must-have tool for achieving efficient results.

Excavator weight

from 2 to 70 t

Flow rate

from 20 to 500 L/min

Standard equipment

    • Caged frame with built-in pre-drilled attachment flat plate
    • Hydraulic block with compensating and check valve
    • Motor safety cover
    • Direct drive piston motor with automatic lubrication system that requires no daily maintenance
    • Anti-wear plates on drum support
    • Drum with replaceable heavy duty rock teeth

Original FAE tools

Unmatched performance
Teeth R65 | FAE
Teeth R65
Ideal for:
Peaty soil
Low rock content
Teeth R65 HD | FAE
Teeth R/HD 65
Ideal for:
Peaty soil
Low rock content
Paved roads
Stone slabs
Teeth R44 | FAE
Teeth R44
Ideal for:
Peaty soil
Paved roads
Paved roads


Custom made attachment plate with pins

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